Wireless Microphone Sound System
EM 9046
Цифровая передача с отличным качеством звука и простотой использования.

EM 9046
Артикул № 502510

Like the legendary Sennheiser EM 1046, the new multichannel audio receiver EM 9046 is destined to become a reference standard throughout the entire broadcast and theatre production industries.
The receiver with its 328 MHz of switching bandwidth covers the UHF range from 470 to 798 MHz, incorporating up to 8 receiving channels in the system units housing.
The highly intuitive icon based user interface provides a complete overview and ease of use via its large TFT display. The frequency setup is easy, no intermodulation calculation required. The receiver is designed for maximum spectral efficiency and transmission safety.
A broad variety of connection options allow for an easy integration into existing audio and IT infrastructure. Modules can be exchanged easily for upgrade and maintenance, making the receiver a future-proof investment.

The EM 9046 consists of the following modules:

EM 9046 SU (Article No. 502513): 19'' 4 RUs mainframe
EM 9046 DRX (Article No. 502512): Receiver modules
EM 9046 AAO (Article No. 502508): Analogue output module
EM 9046 DAO (Article No. 502511): Digital output module
EM 9046 CC (Article No. 502510): blank cover for audio output slot
EM 9046 DAN (Article Nr 506265): Digital audio network module (DANTE(tm))

  • Fast and easy system setup with an excellent overview

  • 8-channel modular receiver system – tuneable between 470 and 798 MHz

  • Automatic compensation of RF cable loss

  • Antenna loop-through to cascade up to 4 system units

  • Built-in graphical spectrum analyzer and RF level recorder

  • Analog and AES 3 output modules with a signal split of up to 1:6

  • Uncompressed digital audio transmission

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Что в коробке
  • EM 9046
  • 3 mains cable (with EU, UK and US plug)
  • 1 CAT 5 Ethernet cable
  • 1 Instruction manual
  • 1 CD ROM with Wireless System Manager (WSM)
  • 1 CD ROM with intruction manuals

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  • Инструкция по эксплуатации
    • Инструкция по эксплуатации Digital 9000 System (7.8 MB) Скачать

  • Технические рисунки
  • ЕС декларация соответствия
    • EU Declaration of Conformity EM 9046 | A 9000 | AB 9000 | AD 9000 (890 KB) Скачать

  • Краткая инструкция
    • Краткая инструкция Digital 9000 (3.5 MB) Скачать

      Quick guide for the first steps setting up the Digital 9000 system

  • Обновление ПО
    • Digital 9000 Firmware Package (SENNPKG) - Version 4.0.0 (29 MB) Скачать

      Firmware version 4.0.0 for Digital 9000

    • Dante Firmware Update for EM 9046 DAN Dante module (3.6 MB) Скачать

      Brooklyn II v4.0.8

  • Рекомендации по применению
    • Dante Firmware Update using the Audinate Firmware Update Manager (110 KB) Скачать

  • Информация о лицензиях
  • Media Control Protocols
    • Sennheiser Sound Control Protocol (450 KB) Скачать

    • 3rd party control of Sennheiser products using media control protocols (210 KB) Скачать

  • Информация о транспортировке литий-ионных элементов питания
    • Transport information for Lithium-Ion batteries (540 KB) Скачать

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