Wireless Microphone - Camera Receiver
EK 3241
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Компактный накамерный приёмник с функцией разнесённого приёма. Рабочая полоса частот 36 МГц. Частоты переключаются с шагом 5 КГц. Водонепроницаемый металлический корпус.
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The EK 3241 has a switching bandwidth of 36 MHz and frequencies that can be tuned in steps of 5 kHz, making the true-diversity receiver the perfect partner for Sennheiser's current transmitter models SKM 5200-II and SK 5212-II.

Frequency-agile products are in greater demand than ever as frequency resources become increasingly scarce. We have therefore developed a new tuner module for this true-diversity camera receiver and given the lightweight EK 3241 (200 g) the capacity for reliable, flexible RF wireless transmission: 32 custom frequencies have already been programmed within the switching bandwidth of 36 MHz; in addition the user is free to program and store another 20 frequencies in steps of 5 kHz into the user bank.

The receiver can be easily and intuitively operated with a completely new user interface, which is similar to that of the SK 5212 bodypack transmitter. For a high operational reliability the EK 3241 displays the battery status of the transmitter in detail. The receiver is extremely reliable; its full-metal case is weatherproof and robust.

  • True-diversity receiver in a very compact all-metal housing

  • 36 MHz switching bandwidth

  • Frequencies tunable in steps of 5 kHz

  • New menu for user-friendly operation

  • Special protection against the ingress of moisture

  • Power supply via camcorder or GA 3041-B battery adapter

  • High operational reliability due to true diversity reception

  • Detailed indication of the transmitter's battery status

  • Command function can be activated in service

  • Operating time of 9 to 18 hrs (BA 50 / B 250)

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  • EK 3241
  • 2 antennas
  • user manual
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