SC 135/165 USB-C
SC 135/165 USB-C
SC 135/165 USB-C
SC 135/165 USB-C
SC 135/165 USB-C
SC 135/165 USB-C
SC 135/165 USB-C

SC 135/165 USB-C

SC 135 USB-C (single-sided) and SC 165 USB-C (double-sided) are headsets with 3.5 mm jack and detachable USB-C cable, optimized for UC professionals who value device flexibility, great sound, discreet modern style and comfort.
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Activate your potential

The SC 100 headsets make a great impression. From their contemporary sleek styling to great sound for calls and multimedia, they excel in all areas: at your workstation, on the move around the office or on your commute to work, there is a variant tailored to your needs.

With discreet boom arm design, adjustable fit and a choice between acoustic foam or soft leatherette ear pads, the SC 100 headsets are built for flexibility and comfort.

Activate your potential

Sleek design

Looks as good in the office as on the daily commute - with sleek contemporary design and bendable boom arm that folds discreetly into the headband.

Great sound

Sennheiser HD stereo sound (available on double-sided variants) - for calls or listening to music while working.

Plug-n-play connectivity

Easy plug-n-play connectivity - with 3.5 mm jack and USB-C.

Travel friendly

Easy transportation or storage, thanks to an innovative fold-flat ear cup design

Voice Clarity
If you are working in a noisy environment, you will benefit from the Voice Clarity technology in all Sennheiser headsets. With a noise-cancelling microphone and detailed sound, every word comes through crisp and clear. It’s as if you’re having a face-to-face conversation.
  • Without Voice Clarity
  • With Voice Clarity

SC 100 Series Headset Trial Request

Please note that Sennheiser reserves the right to qualify the incoming requests

Технические характеристики

  • Цвет
  • Стиль ношения
  • Диапазон воспроизводимых частот микрофона
    100 – 10,000 Hz
  • Максимальный уровень звукового давления
    115 dB SPL
  • Вес
    64 g / 2.26 oz, 97 g / 3.44 oz
  • Габариты упаковки
    150 x 60 x 195 mm / 5.91 x 2.36 x 7.68 in
  • Вес упаковки
    149.15 g /182.65 g
  • Units in distributor master carton
  • Вес мастер картона
    2.19 kg / 4.83 lb
  • Master carton dimensions
    543 x 407 x 460 mm / 21.38 x 16.02 x 18.11 in
  • Unit pack/end user


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  • Инструкция по безопасности
  • Краткая инструкция
  • ЕС декларация соответствия

Learn about SC 100 Series

Learn about SC 100 Series

The perfect headset for office and commute Ещё

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