Sennheiser Room Planner

Plan the perfect space

Introducing the Sennheiser Room Planner - the new browser-based room configuration tool designed to help you specify the best Sennheiser solution for your meeting space. No more guessing or confusion around microphone placement and required quantity. Achieve audibly better sound quality and enhance your meeting experience with just a few clicks.

Simply enter a few basic details about your meeting space, and the Sennheiser Room Planner will guide you to the optimum positioning of Sennheiser microphones for complete coverage. It will also calculate how many microphones are needed to ensure everyone can be heard clearly during those crucial meetings.

Explore our online room configuration tool and effortlessly find the ideal Sennheiser solution for your meeting space.

Easy to Access

No need for complex installation. As a cloud-based tool, the Room Planner is always up to date with the latest features and easily accessible via any web browser.

Easy to Access


Enter a few simple details to quickly create an interactive map of your meeting space and identify the most effective solutions for your environment.


Verify your design

Visualize your customized environment. Map out room size, equipment and Sennheiser solutions to prevent costly installation errors.

Verify your design

Features at a glance

SCC Pre-designed Solutions
Select your room size to view completed designs based on our different audio solutions
Effortless system control and monitoring Collaboration Options Generate a link to your design or print it to PDF to collaborate or share with others
Network Room Presets
Simplify the room design process with presets based on room sizes
AES 256 Contact Form
Easily contact sales for further advice and assistance via the form embedded within the tool

Walkthough video

Take a look at our walkthough video for a tour of the Sennheiser Room Planner, complete with valuable hints and tips to maximize your experience with the tool.


TeamConnect Intelligent Speaker (TC ISP)

Optimised for small Microsoft Teams Rooms, the TC ISP brings effortlessly clear audio and intelligent features to smaller meeting spaces.

TeamConnect Ceiling M (TCC M)

With a coverage of up to 40 m², our ceiling microphone TCC M is a great choice for mid-sized meeting rooms and dynamic collaboration environments.

TeamConnect Ceiling 2 (TCC 2)

Boasting a coverage of up to 80 m², our TeamConnect Ceiling 2 brings exceptional audio quality into larger conference rooms and interactive spaces.


Help shape the future of the Sennheiser Room Planner Tool by sharing your thoughts with us. What new features would you like to see? Or perhaps there’s additional information or functionality you believe the tool should offer. Don’t hesitate to let us know how we can enhance your experience through our online feedback form.