Hear and be heard. Wherever.
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Hear and be heard. Wherever.

With best in class microphones and noise filtering technologies, PRESENCE™ ensures a clear communication experience also for your listener. Three digital microphones work seamlessly together with Sennheiser’s advanced Own-Voice-Detector, SpeakFocus™ and WindSafe™ technologies to ensure crystal clear audio wherever.

Hear and be heard. Wherever.

  • Extended talk time

    • Straight talk – all day . Up to 10 hours’ narrowband and 8 hours’ wideband call time between charges

      Extended talk time
  • Интуитивная функция включения / выключения

    • С помощью PRESENCE ™ легко управлять телефонными разговорами: просто сдвиньте вперёд или назад микрофонный держатель. Этот интуитивный и быстрый способ контроля при общении с абонентом.

      Интуитивная функция включения / выключения
  • Increased wearing comfort

    • PRESENCE™ is designed for precision and wearing comfort. Choose between padded ear hook, ear sleeve (four sleeve styles are available) and headband. All wearing styles are for left or right ear wearing. The headband for the PRESENCE™ headset is available as an accessory.

      Increased wearing comfort
  • Multi-connectivity

    • Seamlessly switch between softphone and mobile calls, effectively combining your in-office headset and your mobile headset. PRESENCE™ Grey Business is for use with mobile phones only.

  • Voice controlled

    • Tap into Siri and Google Assistant and be online at the touch of a button.

      Voice controlled
  • Advanced Own-Voice-Detector

    • Advanced Own-Voice-Detector continuously monitors the environment for voice, reacting immediately to provide clear speech while reducing disturbing background noises, such as keyboard or paper rustling sounds, for a more enjoyable listening experience in all environments.

      Advanced Own-Voice-Detector
  • Office comfort and convenience

    • Ready when you are. PRESENCE™ is designed to maximize your productivity in and around the office. With its optional headband wearing style and charger stand, you can swiftly put it on for calls and replace it in your charger when finished.

      Office comfort and convenience
Be heard
SpeakFocus™ technology zooms in on the user’s voice, works in all sound environments and adapts intelligently whatever the environment - for instance in the car, in the office, at a seminar or at the airport.
  • Without SpeakFocus™
  • With SpeakFocus™
Experience WindSafe™ technology
WindSafe™ technology reduces wind noise to ensure the clearest possible sound is sent to your listener – and that your answers aren’t left blowing in the wind.
  • Without WindSafe™
  • With WindSafe™

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