29/01/2013 Hannover/Amsterdam

The fascinating world of car production with Tourguide 2020-D

Since the beginning of 2013, the BMW production plant in Dingolfing, Germany has used Sennheiser Tourguide 2020-D systems for their factory tours. The glance behind the scenes impresses up to 20,000 guests from all over the world every year. On the guided tours, which take about 2.5 hours and can sometimes cover a distance of up to four kilometres, Tourguide 2020-D ensures optimum speech intelligibility – even in the noisiest of production environments.

At the start of the tour, the visitors are given rugged EK 2020-D-II bodypack receivers with GP 03-M mono headphones, which, with a weight of just 15 grams, are comfortably worn with an ear clip.

The receivers conveniently display the volume, reception quality, battery status and receiving channel on a backlit LCD. The volume can be easily adjusted to suit individual requirements. Digital transmission ensures high-quality audio reception within a radius of 50 metres in enclosed spaces. A sturdy clip enables the EK 2020-D-II to be attached to the visitor’s shirt or belt or to a neckband.
The production experts guiding the tours use Sennheiser’s rugged SKM 2020-D handheld transmitters, which have a dynamic capsule with a cardioid pick-up pattern that makes them ideally suited for use in noisy surroundings. The rechargeable battery provides power for up to eight hours.

At the end of a tour, the receivers are placed in L 2021-40 charging units. These can each recharge forty EK 2020-D-II receivers in less than 2.5 hours. The units also act as a convenient docking station for setting the receivers’ channels. Up to 125 charging units can be connected via Ethernet using the CC 2021 PC-based control software. This allows a maximum of 5,000 receivers to be set and checked centrally on a screen, thus making configuration problems a thing of the past.

Sennheiser’s Tourguide 2020-D systems proved to be a success during their first trials at the BMW assembly plant in Dingolfing, ensuring a long range and outstanding audio quality without any noise interference. Their tried and tested handling also fulfilled the requirements of a factory tour in every respect. As part of its standardisation measures, BMW Group plans to use Sennheiser Tourguide 2020-D-II systems at all of its European production plants.

Ties-Christian Gerdes, President of Sennheiser Vertrieb und Service GmbH & Co. KG, commented: “Products from BMW Group are known for their unmistakable design, dynamics and agility – when touring their Dingolfing plant one cannot help noticing the passion and precision that go into manufacturing these premium cars. And Sennheiser too is a brand that has been renowned for almost 70 years for making premium products developed in Germany. We are very pleased that audio products from Sennheiser can help tens of thousands of visitors a year to experience the fascination of car production at BMW.”

At the BMW production plant in Dingolfing, up to 1,500 BMWs roll off the assembly line a day. More than 18,000 employees manufacture the BMW 5 Series, 6 Series and 7 Series models. Besides car manufacturing, the Dingolfing plant also accommodates the production of car parts and components, the central worldwide spare parts store and the bodyshell production for Rolls-Royce models.

Visit Sennheiser at ISE Amsterdam, Hall 2, Stand C50.

The Sennheiser equipment used at BMW’s Dingolfing plant:

  • 150 x EK 2020-D-II receivers
  • 7 x SKM 2020-D microphones
  • 200 x GP 03-M mono headphones with ear clip
  • 4 x L 2021-40 charging units

The Sennheiser equipment used at BMW’s European plants:

  • 1,430 x EK 2020-D-II receivers
  • 60 x SKM 2020-D microphones
  • 1,900 x GP 03-M mono headphones with ear clip
  • 39 x L 2021-40 charging units


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