01/08/2011 Wedemark

Tasting sound and breathing in melodies –Sennheiser presents its newest Annual Report

The magazine section accompanying the Sennheiser 2010 Annual Report features stars and adventurers who have experience “Smelling and tasting sound.” On board this year: Jazz Legend Klaus Doldinger, celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal, an aroma jockey and the Indiana Jones of Asian cuisine.

Hearing, tasting and smelling sound:

For the third year in a row, Sennheiser takes its readers on a journey of the senses. Whether it’s in a laboratory, kitchen, club or concert hall, the 46-page high-street magazine reveals how very closely smell, taste and hearing are intertwined. Discover “Smelling and tasting sound”.

Uk’s premier chef Heston Blumenthal

has discovered that the careful selection of background sounds can enhance the flavor of a meal by ten percent. Amsterdam-dweller DJ Odo7 shows how he uses different fragrances to manipulate the mood at a disco. During an interview in his recording studio, Klaus Doldinger – Jazz Legend and composer of music scores for such hits as The Boat or the German television crime series Tatort – talks about the saxophone’s sensuality and how to choose the right microphone. And a Heidelberg-based documentary filmmaker takes the reader on an exclusive Asian expedition with a food hunter, Mark Brownstein on the trail of long-forgotten flavors.

The sensuality, enjoyment and luxury of sound in its purest form

is carried through in the online presentation of the magazine. While readers virtually flip through the multimedia magazine (www.sennheiser-annualreport.com), interactive graphics provide them with further invaluable insights into the sensory world. The animated film “About closing doors and fizzing bottles” describes how a product designer uses scents, sounds and taste to leverage the consumer world, and the mini-documentary “The scent of an evening” offers the reader a glimpse into the Amsterdam-based aroma jockey’s fragrance workshop.

By taking part in an online sweepstake,

not only do readers have a chance to win a pair of Sennheiser’s top-of-the-line HD800 headphones valued at €1,000, but they can also find out why celebrity chef Blumenthal is so amazed with their frequency range: “It’s like buying a whole new record collection and a whole new stereo system.”

“Smelling and tasting sound”

is the final installment of an annual report trilogy. The first of the award-winning magazines were titled “Seeing sound” and “Feeling sound.” This current issue is also available for download as a PDF at www.sennheiser-annualreport.com.