22/09/2011 Shanghai

Shanghai Normal University and Sennheiser Sound Academy join forces in “Recording Arts”

From coming September on the students of the degree “Recording Arts” at the Shanghai Normal University will study the course “Set-up of Wireless Microphone Systems by Sennheiser Sound Academy” as part of their degree.

The Sennheiser Sound Academy will not only provide expert knowledge but also do this through an innovative blended learning concept, where the students study theory in eLearnings online and then apply and practice it in workshops. Furthermore, Sennheiser will make high-end equipment available to the students to study with hands on.

This cooperation between Shanghai Normal University and Sennheiser’s training label “Sound Academy” will be the first joint project between the electronics company and a Chinese University, and the kick-off to more involvement in the education of future Chinese sound engineers. “We are proud to start our Sound Academy program with such a prestigious partner in Shanghai and we are looking forward to working with young and aspiring people”, says Marc Vincent, General Manager, Sennheiser China.

"Sennheiser is maintaining a long standing, excellent relationship with our Chinese markets and customers." says Volker Bartels, Speaker of Sennheiser's Executive Management Board and President Corporate Services. "Our premium approach to business includes the fact that we not only bring our products but also include education and knowledge. Having established our sales subsidiaries in Beijing and Hong Kong a few years ago, cooperating on training with a University like Shanghai Normal is a logical step in our premium approach. This constitutes a win-win situation, which is good for Sennheiser and good for the students, thus also supporting the Chinese economy. We will step-by-step expand this cooperation to more universities across China."

Mr. LI Cong, Dean at the College of Music at Shanghai Normal University ads: “We are very glad to have a partner like Sennheiser, and we are looking forward to the positive results from this cooperation. The Recording Arts department at the College of Music is lead by young and energetic teachers, teaching a subject that needs a lot of know-how.

Previous experiences at SNU had shown that cooperations between school and enterprises can generate advantages not possible otherwise. With Sennheiser, our students can have invaluable hands on experience on real world equipment, but most important, they can experience the German way of teaching on audio topics. This can expand the student’s vision, and help the talents on their way to reach an international level.

Through this cooperation, not only Recording Arts’ academic capability is boosted into a new level, but also a new way of international cooperation on education is established. It’s a brave adventure with great meaning for both parties. With celebrating the signing of the cooperation agreement, I also wish the cooperation can be long and lasting, and this way of cooperation can be adopted by more and more schools and enterprises. This way the recording and Live PA industry in China can get prosperous.”

This first course at Shanghai Normal University will focus on one of Sennheiser’s core competences - wireless microphones. Following a brief introduction about history, the students will look into current wireless challenges and receive an outlook into the future of wireless systems.

To make sure all students can enjoy the best possible training a small group of about 20 learners will be divided into 5 groups, giving each student the chance to work hands on with the equipment, making sure things will be really understood and remembered later. The objective of the trainings is to enable students to take what they have learned and apply it to their work the next day.

The first workshop will take place in the second half of October, followed by the next group of students who will enjoy the training in February.

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