06/04/2011 Wedemark

Sennheiser: Remaining Active in the Effort against Trademark Piracy

Sennheiser has been instrumental in the sensational success achieved by British criminal investigative authorities in the achievements against brand piracy. Numerous illegally distributed devices have been seized from the owners of an online platform in England.

The raid action was carried out by the British consumer protection and investigation authority, Trading Standards Services (TSS), Portsmouth, in February 2011. However, in order to safeguard the investigation, it has only recently been made public. During a search of the premises used by one of England’s largest online platforms, investigators from the TSS seized hundreds of forged branded equipment purporting to have been made by Sennheiser and Monster Cable – the largest number of counterfeits of this kind ever confiscated in the UK. Sennheiser and Monster Cable, who have joined their efforts to combat trademark and product piracy have provided active support to the investigation.

The technical expertise of the Sennheiser and Monster Cable employees in particular have proven to be indispensable to the investigation, ensuring that every device seized was checked quickly to ascertain whether it was genuine or a fake. Volker Bartels, President of Corporate Services at Sennheiser and spokesperson of the Executive Management Board, emphasises the necessity of resolute action against counterfeits: “Trademark and product piracy is a crime that costs consumers and the industry billions every year. We would like to thank the TSS for their vigorous intervention and their uncompromising protection of our intellectual property. With this intensive crackdown in England, we have succeeded in a very important mission designed to protect our intellectual property and consequently, the company, too”, he says.

Sennheiser’s close cooperation with prosecuting authorities in the effort against illegally produced and sold products is not limited to Europe. Recently, Sennheiser initiated action against counterfeiters in the Far East, specifically in China. “We set an extremely high value on worldwide action against counterfeiting, not only protecting our brand, but more importantly, protecting our customers from purchasing fake equipment,” so Bartels. He advises consumers strongly to always use retailers from the authorised Sennheiser Dealer Network. This way, customers can be sure of purchasing not only an original and of high-quality product, but also will receive full customer service.