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Sennheiser launches new accessories for its 1800MHz evolution wireless systems

In summer 2011, Sennheiser was the first audio manufacturer to offer radiomicrophone systems in the 1800MHz band. From October, they will now be extending the system by providing matching accessories to facilitate the set-up of larger systems. The ASA 1-1G8 antenna splitter, AB 3-1G8 antenna booster and AD 1800 passive directional antenna will help in the creation of multi-channel systems.

“The frequency band around 1800 MHz has been allocated exclusively to wireless audio transmission in many countries of Europe – in some of them, the band is even licence-free,” explained Martin Fischer, Product Manager Professional Wireless Microphones at Sennheiser. “The new frequency band is future-proof and free from TV transmitters and mobile communication devices, eliminating the need for the thorough frequency planning that is needed for the more congested bands.”

The ew 100 G3-1G8 series enables up to twelve channels to be operated simultaneously. For this, 12 compatible frequency pre-sets are stored in the channel banks or can be freely programmed by the user. The new accessories make the set-up of such larger systems much easier.

ASA 1-1G8 active antenna splitter

The active antenna splitter of the 1G8 series feeds the RF signal of two receiving antennas to up to four ew 100 G3-1G8 diversity receivers (2 x 1:4). These receivers, plus up to two antenna boosters per diversity branch, are supplied with power via the splitter. For the set-up of an eight-channel system, two splitters can simply be cascaded. Due to its integrated RF amplifiers, the ASA 1-1G8 splitter does not introduce any RF signal loss. It comes complete with eight short BNC cables for connecting the receivers.

AB 3-1G8 antenna booster

This high-quality selective antenna booster works in the frequency range between 1,785 and 1,805MHz. It amplifies the antenna signal by approx. 10dB, thus ensuring a sufficiently strong RF signal even with long antenna cables. Up to two AB 3-1G8 can be cascaded per antenna line to the splitter, increasing the gain to up to 20 dB per line.

AD 1800 passive directional antenna

The passive directional antenna works in the frequency range between 1,400 and 2,400MHz. The use of two AD 1800s in diversity operation allows the user to optimise the antenna positions, and thus the range, in difficult RF environments. The antenna’s directivity boosts the antenna signal by 4dB, the front-to-back ratio is >14dB. An ideal antenna cable is the low-attenuation GZL 5000, which is available in various lengths.

These new accessories for the evolution wireless ew 100 G3-1G8 series will be available from October.

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