08/02/2011 Singapore

Sennheiser helps the stars to shine in Rock Records´ 30th anniversary concert in Singapore

A legendary line-up of artists rocked out the Singapore Indoor Stadium in celebration of Rock Records’ 30th anniversary on 22 January. Emil Chau, Wu Bai & China Blue, Mayday, A-Yue and Free9, and Tarcy Su were among the luminaries who graced the stage at the Taiwanese label’s biggest party of three decades. When it came to the sound equipment, Unusual Productions, which provided stage, sound and lights for the event, knew it could depend on Sennheiser microphones and wireless monitors (IEMs) to back up this historic concert.

Managing the concert’s sound requirements was no easy task, as Rock Records – Asia’s largest independent record label – had brought in 17 performers from its stable of artists. Sennheiser and Unusual Productions raised the bar on sound management with this concert: there were over 60 wireless links needed for 36 channels of wireless microphones including spares and more than 30 channels of IEMs. Five monitor mixing consoles and two FOH consoles with a total of 162 input channels were used during the event. The opening act itself featured three bands, and required over 30 channels for the microphones, IEMs and guitar transmitters.

“It made sense to use a single brand for both microphones and IEMs, as that made it much easier to plan and manage the various radio frequencies,” said Moby Teh, System Engineer, Unusual Productions. „The support we received from Sennheiser, particularly from Vince Tan, was crucial to the success of this event. We knew Sennheiser would come through for us, as they had on many previous occasions.“

Vince Tan, Sennheiser’s Asia and Australia Relations Manager, said, “We overcame many limitations with this show. We ensured that all the RF channels were in working order even though we could only use the ‘B’ and ‘C’ frequency bands, in spite of needing more than 60 channels of wireless links.”

FOH Engineer Chen Tai Shan loved the fact that the MD 5235 capsules on the SKM 5200 gave artists’ voices a nice, warm body, and they worked equally well for Mayday’s rock songs as well as for Tarcy Su’s ballads.

Sennheiser and Unusual Productions provided the Rock 30 Singapore Concert with the following equipment: 3000 and 5000 Series microphone systems (EM 3732 and EM 3532 receivers, SKM 5200 handhelds with MD 5235 capsules), 2000 Series microphone systems (EM 2050 receivers, SK 2000 bodypacks, SKM 2000 handhelds with MMD 935 capsules) and wireless monitoring systems from the evolution wireless G2 and G3 Series as well as the 2000 Series.