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Sennheiser expands its ADN discussion system

Wedemark/Amsterdam, 1 February 2011 – At ISE in Amsterdam, audio specialist Sennheiser is presenting a new system update for the ADN discussion system. The update can be downloaded free of charge from the Sennheiser website from 28 February. A “sneak preview” will unveil the ADN PS power supply unit, which will be available from autumn 2011. The 19” rack-mount unit makes it possible to build conference systems with up to 400 terminals.

ADN system update

The new operating software for the ADN discussion system, which was launched in summer 2010, includes various modes to ensure more convenient system handling and to enhance speech intelligibility in acoustically difficult conference situations:

(1) Media Control: The new software enables the central unit of the ADN system to communicate directly with media control devices via an open protocol, thus allowing it to be integrated into existing audio/video control systems. Users can operate all functions with their usual control panel.

(2) XLR Mix Minus: This mode improves the audio quality at conferences that take place at more than one location. When speech contributions are transmitted to an external conference location, this sometimes results in unpleasant echo effects in which speakers hear their own voice with a delay. To prevent this, the XLR Mix Minus mode deletes the speaker’s own voice signal from the sum of the conference signals, with the result that all participants hear a clear voice signal without irritating echo effects.

(3) Mic Loudspeaker Mute: For relatively small conferences which are transmitted to an external location, loudspeaker amplification of the speakers’ contributions is not required in the conference room itself. Amplification is only necessary for the external participants. The Mic Loudspeaker Mute mode ensures that the speaker’s own contributions are only transmitted to the external participants and not through the loudspeakers of the terminals. Only the speech contributions of the external participants are played through the loudspeakers.

ADN PS power supply unit

ISE 2011 will also present a preview of the ADN PS power supply unit. The 19“ rack-mount device supplies power to between 2 x 20 chairman’s and delegates’ terminals in a ring set-up and 4 x 15 terminals with a line connection. Up to 15 ADN PS units can be cascaded to power up to 400 terminals. The power supply unit will be available from autumn 2011.

Visit Sennheiser at ISE 2011, Hall 2, Stand A58.

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