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Sennheiser Engineer Mode: More Reliable Wireless Monitoring

With the new firmware update for its wireless monitoring systems, audio specialist Sennheiser now offers a so-called “engineer mode”. With this function, monitor engineers can listen to the various mixes for a band with their bodypack receiver and, if necessary, make quick changes on the mixing desk. The update for the evolution wireless ew 300 IEM G3 and 2000 IEM systems can now be downloaded free of charge from the Sennheiser website.

The new engineer mode gives sound engineers more control options – they can now hear the monitor mix exactly how the artists on stage are hearing it and quickly react if during an ongoing show corrections must be made to the mix, for example if the guitar signal is too quiet for the bassist.

For the engineer mode, the settings of the musicians’ receivers are simply transferred via the infra-red interface to the monitor technician’s receiver. Separate information regarding frequency, frequency preset, name, squelch, focus/stereo, balance, limiter, volume boost and high boost is thus stored for each individual artist. The EK 300 IEM G3 saves up to 16 such profiles, the EK 2000 IEM up to 32. The monitor engineer can then switch between the various artists’ signals on the profile list and test them to find out if everything is in order.

The new firmware (version 1.4.4) can now be downloaded from the Sennheiser website: http://www.sennheiser.com/sennheiser/sw-downloads.nsf/root/home-en or can be installed directly together with the new version of the Wireless Systems Manager http://www.sennheiser.com/wsm.

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