21/03/2011 Copenhagen, Denmark

Sennheiser Communications joins Aastra Approved Partner Program A2P2 as Certified Member

Sennheiser Communications, a leading supplier of premium headset solutions, today announced that it has joined the Aastra Approved Partner Program A2P2 as Certified Member. Compatibility and interoperability testing have been successfully completed for Sennheiser Communications DW Series wireless and SH / CC wired headsets in combination with Aastra system terminals and communications systems. By becoming a Certified Partner Sennheiser Communications has achieved the highest level of accreditation.

The electronic hook switch (EHS) is one of the key features of the fully compatible Sennheiser Communications headset and Aastra phone solution, as its remote working allows users much greater flexibility. With Aastra Analog, IP and SIP based phones, the DW Series wireless headsets enable the user to perform key functions remotely
such as answering and ending calls, adjusting the volume and muting the headset, making the whole experience a great deal easier.

Sennheiser Communications and Aastra technicians tested the compatibility of the wired and wireless headsets comprehensively, and the solutions have been verified at several customer sites in the field. "Sennheiser Communications headsets are now certified as fully compliant with our solutions, having undergone extensive testing under diverse scenarios. This certification guarantees compliance with Aastra products“, says Bernd Jobes, manager of Aastra's A2P2 Partner Program.

Lars Riis Rasmussen, Strategic Alliance Manager for Sennheiser Communications, adds: “We’re delighted to be working with Aastra Telecom, as it gives us the opportunity to provide real value to our mutual customers through a fully tested and compatible, innovative communi-cations solution. As the primary interface for Call Centers, Offices and Unified Communications professionals – Sennheiser Communications headsets provide leadership in sound quality, comfort and hearing protection.”