20/03/2017 Hanover/Wedemark

CEBIT 2017

At CeBIT this year, Sennheiser presents its comprehensive portfolio of innovative audio solutions for businesses: “Sennheiser for Business”. During the traditional CeBIT-tour on Monday morning, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Japanese Premier Shinzō Abe visited the audio specialist in Hall 12 (Booth E29). Co-CEOs Daniel and Dr. Andreas Sennheiser gave a short product presentation, and both politicians were introduced to Sennheiser’s focus product at this year’s CeBIT: TeamConnect Wireless. From today, visitors are invited to immerse themselves in the Sennheiser for Business products at the Sennheiser booth.

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At CeBIT 2017, Sennheiser introduces its new “Sennheiser for Business” portfolio which encompasses innovative solutions in four key areas. These are: Individual Communication; Meetings and Conferencing; Presentations; and Visitor Guidance and Hearing Aid. With Sennheiser for Business, the audio specialist addresses changing needs in the business world, caused by the market penetration of digital and mobile technologies, and the consequent increasing demand for high-quality audio solutions. The Sennheiser for Business portfolio includes wired and wireless headset solutions, high quality audio conferencing solutions (portable and fixed installations), microphone systems optimized specifically for speech applications, as well as visitor guidance and information systems.

“We are looking forward to presenting the entire Sennheiser for Business portfolio to a broad audience during CeBIT”, comments Stefan Grewe, Sales Director Telecommunications D|A|CH. “With this portfolio, businesses can source every important component for professional office communication from one supplier. With this portfolio, we are ready to meet the rising technological demands of modern companies of every size.”

“In business communications, business areas that once operated separately are increasingly merging – and interacting seamlessly”, explains Dr. Jürgen Wulf, Sales Director System Integration D|CH. “These interactions create opportunities for high performance synergies, which can influence not only business productivity, but, even more importantly, the wellbeing of employees in the office. In this way, Sennheiser for Business allows audio equipment to become a meaningful part of value creation.”
In addition to its focus product for 2017,TeamConnect Wireless, Sennheiser is also exhibiting new products at partner booths with Microsoft (Hall 12, Booth E24) and Alcatel Lucent Enterprise (Hall 12, Booth E32). Highlight products include the MB 660 wireless headset with active and adaptive noise cancelling technology, and the AMBEO VR Mic for immersive 3D audio recordings, which will be shown at a joint booth with HeadTrip (Hall 17, Booth C80). There will be demonstrations of a VR/AR workflow in three workshops entitled: “3D Sound Recording for VR Applications – Exercise, Tips and Tricks”. Uwe Cremering, Director, AMBEO Immersive Audio, Sennheiser, will also tackle the topic of immersive audio technology in a keynote speech.

TeamConnect Wireless Tray-M Set – turn every room into a conference room

At CeBIT 2017, Sennheiser also introduces the latest addition to the TeamConnect Wireless portfolio of wireless conferencing solutions for online meetings: TeamConnect Wireless Tray-M Set. This compact configuration of the TeamConnect Wireless system uses two satellites instead of four and is perfect for meetings of up to 12 participants, whether the conference room has been fixed in advance or is chosen spontaneously.

With its prize winning design, the portable wireless conferencing system brings excellent sound quality to online meetings. It is easy to set up and can start a new online meeting within seconds –with the best sound characteristics – in every room. The new Tray-M Set combines all these advantages in an elegant solution with two portable satellites, which can be recharged in a well-designed charging and base station. With Bluetooth, USB and a 3.5mm jack connection, there are many connection options for mobile devices, laptops or PCs – giving the much needed flexibility for a number of unified communications applications. At Booth E29 in Hall 12, CeBIT visitors can try the portfolio for meetings and conferencing for themselves.

Reclaim the office with MB 660

Open office spaces with their often high noise levels and general hustle and bustle can have a negative effect when trying to concentrate on one’s work. For these reasons, Sennheiser has developed the MB 660 headset: A wireless headset specifically designed for open office spaces. The business solution offers adaptive active noise cancelling (ANC) as well as UC-certified communications capabilities, guaranteeing crystal -clear speech transmission. The MB 660 also has excellent sound properties for playing music and multimedia content.

In contrast to normal ANC-headsets, the MB 660 offers a broad choice of ANC-settings: either constantly active, or using the Sennheiser’s innovative NoiseGard technology for hybrid, adaptive ANC. NoiseGard constantly monitors environmental noise and adjusts the degree of noise cancelling in the headset accordingly. This way, the headset avoids the tiring feeling of being locked in a small room – an undesirable effect of many conventional ANC headsets. The MB 660 stays comfortable and aids concentration even over long periods of use. Sennheiser shows the MB 660 headset and other products certified for Skype-for-Business at Microsoft’s partner booth at Booth E24 in Hall 12, and Alcatel’s Lucent Enterprise at Booth E32, Hall 12.

Sennheiser AMBEO VR Mic – a compact microphone for VR/AR-productions

Sennheiser also creates solutions for outside of the office environment. At CeBIT, it is showcasing the AMBEO Virtual-Reality-Microphone, which provides 3D-sound in a quality that blurs the borders between reality and recording. Until now, VR producers could only record immersive sound environments with complex microphone setups. In contrast, the AMBEO VR Mic offers a compact, user-friendly format for these recordings – the ideal tool for professional VR-productions.

“For VR- and AR-productions, a convincing picture is no longer the only standard – we now need the equivalent sound quality, and consequently we have created a compact microphone to record this audio component in three dimensions. Only this combination of picture and three-dimensional sound can offer a truly immersive experience to our users”, explains Uwe Cremering, Director, AMBEO Immersive Audio, Sennheiser. “It is these applications that the AMBEO VR Mic has been developed for. Producers of VR- and AR-content can capture their environmental sounds naturally and in three dimensions. At the end of the day, our users find themselves in a completely realistic and immersive environment.”

The AMBEO VR Mic is an Ambisonics microphone with four carefully chosen and matched capsules in a tetrahedron arrangement. The microphone runs with 4x48V phantom power, the signals are symmetrical and it comes with free Sennheiser software to edit the audio content. More information on this innovative product can be found at Booth C80 in Hall 17, and in free workshops entitled: “3D Sound Recording for VR Applications – Exercise, Tips and Tricks” (Monday to Wednesday at 4:00 PM) – in cooperation with HeadTrip, the expert for 360° movies.

CeBIT 2017 takes place from March 20th to March 24th at the Deutsche Messe in Hannover. Sennheiser presents its products at its own booth, E29 in Hall 12, at the Microsoft partner booth in Hall 12, Booth E24, and at the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise booth in Hall 12, Booth E32. In Hall 17, Booth C80, visitors can delve into the new dimension of 3D audio with Sennheiser.


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