06/04/2011 Münster/Hannover

Safe and Interference-free: Münster/Osnabrück Airport uses the Sennheiser ADN discussion system

Münster/Hannover, 6 April 2011. The Münster/Osnabrück Airport is installing conference technology from Sennheiser. At the end of last year, the airport operators introduced the ADN (Audio Distribution Network) discussion system. ADN not only helps with internal cooperation, it will also be hired out to corporate clients. The positive features that influenced the decision to opt for the Sennheiser system were its reliability, interference-free speech reproduction and user-friendliness.

Since October, the Münster/Osnabrück airport has been making use of conference technology from Sennheiser. The Sennheiser Audio Distribution Network (ADN) has been installed with 24 units within the airport’s conference area. The system consists of 23 delegate units (ADN D1) and a chairperson unit (ADN C1). All units are controlled via the ADN CU1 digital central unit, which comes complete with an integrated computer with conferencing software. The airport operators decided for the Sennheiser solution because ADN offers a very high level of speech intelligibility, and at the same time operates with absolute reliability.

The speaker at the centre

At the individual units, super-cardioid microphones ensure that irritating ambient noise is attenuated and the individual speaking is given centre stage – acoustically speaking. The conference units have two integrated broadband loudspeakers creating a pleasant sound with excellent voice intelligibility over the whole conference room, even when just a few conference units are in use.. An ME 36 mini shotgun microphone is used at the speaker’s podium, ensuring a high level of intelligibility, even in a loud environment.

Because the conference system is also hired out to external companies, the operational safety of the system was a further decisive criterion for the airport operators. As ADN is a wired system, it is ideal for the difficult conditions on site, which made the use of wireless equipment extremely difficult in the past. Moreover, the system can be used as a mobile system and can be assembled or dismantled in around 15 minutes.

A discussion system tailored to the needs of the client

“For us, the product has proven its worth – it is safe, interference-free and is simple to operate. And we are especially impressed with the acoustics,” concluded Mr Udo Becker, Head of the Mechanical Engineering Department at the Münster/Osnabrück Airport. “We are delighted that the Münster/Osnabrück Airport decided to convert to Sennheiser,” said Dr. Jürgen Wulf, Sales Director for Installed Sound at Sennheiser Vertrieb und Service. “After some common planning, we were able to find the ideal system to meet the requirements of our client.”

The ADN system was delivered to the Münster/Osnabrück Airport by Sennheiser’s system partner PIXEL-COM Medientechnik, based in Münster. A customised case was also designed, so that the system can be easily transported and stowed away.

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