06/12/2011 Singapore/Hong Kong

Raising a Toast to Heavenly Sound at the Hong Kong 2011 Wine & Dine Festival

In more ways than one, the 3rd Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival was a feast for the senses. A spectacular gathering of wine, food and live entertainment, the festival was held at the West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade from 27 to 30 October, against the stunning backdrop of Hong Kong’s skyline. The annual event has achieved recognition far beyond country borders, and featured over 280 stands and tens of thousands of visitors for its 2011 edition. To meet the demands of the live entertainment artists, audio specialist Sennheiser supplied A-list microphones – both wired and wireless – together with wireless monitoring systems.

Hong Kong artistes Jonathan Wong, Pony Leung, and Metro used eight channels of Sennheiser’s 2000 Series, including SKM 2000 handheld transmitters and SK 2000 wireless instrument packs that gave the musicians the freedom to move around stage, with a full and lusciously transparent frequency response of 25 to 20,000 Hz. The wireless microphones were complemented by a range of evolution 900 Series instrument microphones. The artists also relied on eight channels of Sennheiser’s ew 300 IEM G3 wireless personal monitors to keep in touch and time with the soul of the music.

“When we approached Sennheiser for sponsorship of this event, I knew that the equipment would be all ready even before we put in a request. The Global Relations team has their equipment all racked up, ready for large-scale events,” said Ming, Producer of the live entertainment portion of the 3rd Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival, who was entrusted with the management of the event by the Hong Kong Tourism Board.

“The sound system worked really well due to the tight integration between the Sennheiser equipment,” added Ming. “The audience and organisers really appreciated the fantastic sound quality that it delivered. It was a genuine high point of the festival – the organisers were happy, the artists are happy.”

Sennheiser Greater China’s Artist Relations Manager Ching said: “We knew that participating in this festival was an opportunity not to be missed as it has been named by Forbes Traveler.com as one of the top 10 international food and wine festivals and is very popular regionally. It’s a great pleasure
to have contributed to this world renowned event that hits the high notes not just gastronomically but also musically.”

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