06/01/2011 Las Vegas

One of the most wonderful reasons to travel: Sennheiser expands its Travel Line

The tickets are booked and the suitcases packed: for some, travelling is an essential part of their job, while for others it is the beginning of the ‘most wonderful time of the year’. To ensure that frequent flyers and holidaymakers alike can enjoy their journey right from the start, audio specialist Sennheiser now has a total of nine different travel headphones and headsets in its product range. A completely new addition is the CXC 700, a set of ear-canal phones with NoiseGard™ /digital technology. Now there’s a perfect travelling companion for every journey.

First Class for your ears

Just lean back and enjoy music or a film in peace during your journey. No matter whether you are travelling on a plane or on a train, the Travel Line models ensure that you arrive relaxed. NoiseGard active noise-cancelling technology minimises external noise, while Sennheiser's proven acoustics guarantee a top-quality sound experience even in noisy surroundings. At the same time, the TalkThrough function enables you to conduct a conversation without removing the headphones – at the push of a button, miniature microphones on the outside of the head-phones “listen to” the voice of the person sitting next to you and play it clearly through the headphones. For mobile use, all models are optimally adapted to portable video or audio devices and are also optimised for connection to in-flight entertainment systems. Suitable adapters are included in Sennheiser's travel package for all models.

The perfect companion for every journey

With the new CXC 700, the first headphones to use the digital version of Senn-heiser’s proven NoiseGard technology, the Travel Line now includes a total of nine different models, ranging from circumaural headphones with particularly soft padding right through to miniature ear-canal phones. The high-end PXC 450 headphones are the top-of-the-range product in the Travel Line and feature NoiseGard 2.0 and a highly detailed, lifelike sound image. The circumaural PXC 360 BT and the supra-aural PXC 310 BT are equipped with Bluetooth 2.1 technology for uninterrupted listening while travelling. The PXC 360 BT with its SRS WOW HD™ system even allows you to enjoy SurroundSound when you're out and about. The range also includes the rugged mini stereo headphones PXC 310 and PXC 250-II. The CXC 700 ear-canal phones are the perfect choice for those who like to travel light and still want to benefit from the very latest technology.

As journeys almost inevitably include telephone calls, the Travel Line also includes three headsets. Those who want to take phone calls while listening to music and would like to benefit from Sennheiser's NoiseGard function for better speech intelligibility should choose the MM 550 TRAVEL or MM 450 TRAVEL models. Both are equipped with Bluetooth technology and NoiseGard 2.0 and can communicate without difficulties with all Bluetooth-capable mobile phones, computers and PDAs. On the MM 550 TRAVEL, the SRS WOW HD™ system provides a spatial sound image and particularly rich bass. The MM 80i TRAVEL is a lightweight ear canal headset with a microphone integrated into the cable that is specially designed for use with the iPhone** or other apple products. The earphones come with a choice of six ear adapters to allow them to be optimally adapted to different ear sizes, thus guaranteeing a perfect fit and a high passive noise attenuation.

When not in use, the headband models with their collapsible design can simply be folded away and stored in the carrying case included. The ear canal ear-phones are small enough to be easily stowed in your hand luggage. Convenient extras also help to make your journey more comfortable: to ensure that the batteries for the NoiseGard headphones can be recharged anywhere in the world, the set includes a battery charger with adapters for a wide range of different countries. Travelling has now become even more enjoyable.

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