10/11/2011 Wedemark

New power supply unit and software update for the ADN conference and discussion system

The ADN PS power supply unit is now available for Sennheiser’s ADN conference and discussion system. The 19“ rack-mount unit enables systems for up to 400 participants to be set up. The power supply unit also offers the possibility of using redundant ring-cabling (redundancy rings), thus increasing the failure-safety of the system. At the same time, the audio specialist is releasing a free software update that expands the system’s performance: the new software now enables conferences to be recorded and adds a PTT mode and effective acoustic feedback suppression to the system. The new software can be downloaded from the Sennheiser website.

“With our new cascadable power supply unit, the ADN PS, we are one of the few manufacturers who enable their customers to create systems with high failure-safety,” explained Jens Werner, Product Manager for Conference Systems. In such a system, the power supply unit provides power in two ring-cabled lines to 20 discussion units each. If a cable fails in one redundancy ring, operation continues without interruption via the other cable path. If a decision is made in favour of an alternative cabling – branch or daisy chain – one ADN PS can power 4 x 15 discussion units. The cable topology in each case is displayed by status LEDs on the power supply unit. Up to 15 ADN PS units can be cascaded.

Free software update

The new software for the discussion system can be downloaded at www.sennheiser.com/adn by clicking “Updates”. The new upgrade now makes it possible to record a conference directly onto a USB mass-storage device or an external hard drive. Each microphone and the sum of all microphones are recorded as separate files. A particularly user-friendly feature is the new Push-to-Talk mode; the microphone remains in operation as long as the speaker keeps the microphone button pressed.

Another new feature is a special mode for acoustic feedback suppression, which uses an algorithm specially developed by Sennheiser. “Very difficult acoustic environments often make it impossible to set a sufficiently high volume level without feedback,” explained Jens Werner. “Even if the system is already operating at its limits, this new mode enables the volume to be increased even further.” The mode can be activated in two stages, thus providing higher gain before feedback of up to 3 dB and 6 dB respectively. The feedback reserve can be set separately for the discussion unit loudspeakers and an external PA system.


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