06/04/2011 Frankfurt

New frequency range opened up: Sennheiser presents wireless systems for 1800 MHz

Frankfurt/Wedemark, 6 April 2011 – In response to the decision to close UHF frequencies from 790 to 862 MHz for wireless microphones in Europe in future, Sennheiser is launching nine wireless microphone systems at prolight+sound that transmit on 1800 MHz. The systems of the evolution wireless ew 100 G3 1G8 series are moving to a higher frequency band that has been allocated exclusively to wireless audio transmission in many countries of Europe. What is more, in some countries no operating licence is required, and a wireless system can therefore be used free of charge.

Exclusive band

“With our new 1800 MHz systems, we are relieving the burden on the UHF range and also presenting extremely user-friendly solutions,” explained Martin Fischer, Product Manager Professional Wireless Microphones at Sennheiser. “The frequency band from 1785 MHz to 1800 MHz is reserved exclusively for audio transmission, which means that users no longer have to plan their systems around primary users or painstakingly search for gaps between TV channels. In addition, the band is licence-free in some European countries, so there are no follow-up costs for the user.”

In the Installed Sound sector, hotels, conference centres, churches, schools and universities in particular will benefit from the new systems; in the music industry, bands, musicians and PA rental companies will also appreciate the possibility of cross-border operation.

Flexibility within 15 MHz: systems with up to twelve channels possible

The ew 100 G3-1G8 series enables up to twelve channels to be operated simultaneously. 12 compatible frequency presets are stored in each of the 20 channel banks, with the addition of a further user bank that is freely programmable in 10-kHz steps. The new systems have an RF transmission power of 10 mW; their range corresponds approximately to that of UHF systems with the same RF transmission power.

The user-friendliness of the evolution wireless UHF series is, of course, also a key feature of the 1800 MHz version. The transmitters can be conveniently synchronised with the receivers via an infrared interface, and the systems have an integrated equaliser and a soundcheck mode that continuously checks the RF and audio levels. To protect the environment and to minimise costs, both the bodypack transmitter and the handheld transmitter can be powered by Sennheiser accupacks instead of standard batteries; the battery’s state of charge is reliably displayed in four steps.

The new wireless systems will be launched in summer, and will be followed in the autumn by accessories such as an antenna splitter, an antenna booster and remote directional antennas.

Visit Sennheiser at prolight+sound, Hall 6.1, Stand C 10 A.

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