21/12/2011 Wedemark

Neumann Development Department leadership team changes - Berlin

After 37 years’service with the company, Dipl.-Ing. Stephan Peus, President of Development at Georg Neumann GmbH, Berlin, will retire at the end of 2011. Joining straight from university, Stephan Peus began his career in 1974 when he joined Neumann’s microphone development team in Berlin. In 2000 he was appointed President of Development at Georg Neumann GmbH, Berlin. He played a major role in the continued development of Neumann’s microphone technology for the studio and stage sectors.

When developing new products, Stephan Peus was inspired by customer requests and was always keen to achieve the highest-possible levels of technical excellence. Neumann microphones connect the world of the artist with that of the sound engineer – whether at live concerts, in the studio or on any of the big international stages. Peus and his team continuously strove to achieve the highest quality and the famous Neumann sound with every new model, pushing the limits to the final three decibels (which are always the most expensive ones…)

Major milestones of successful microphone development:

During the 90s the warm sound of the tube came back into fashion. As a result Neumann developed tube microphones such as the successful M 149 Tube. In 1997 the TLM 103 – the quietest microphone with a noise level of only 7 dB (A) – enthused the global markets. In 2002, Sennheiser and Neumann produced their first joint product – the KK 105 S capsule head with the SKM 5000 handheld transmitter; making the legendary Neumann sound wireless and introducing a whole new sound dimension to live stage applications. A year later, in 2003, the company launched the BCM 104 – the first product of the new Broadcast line – and specifically tailored to voice applications. In the same year Neumann made the leap into the age of digital microphone systems (Solution-D); products which fulfilled the highest requirements of professional audio productions and which are another highlight of innovative audio technology of the future. Stephan Peus and his team pioneered all these developments based on his profound acoustical knowledge and experience.

Awards for Development and numerous Patents

Neumann developments have received the TEC Award for “Outstanding Technical Achievements” thirteen times. The pinnacle of the company’s history was the Technical Grammy Award in 1999, which was received for overall technical achievement.

“With his work for Neumann in Berlin, Stephan Peus has been a major driving force in global audio technology. He and his team set the standards for innovative and future-orientated audio technology far beyond the boundaries of the company. He achieved great successes for the company, and we are both proud and sad to see him retire,” says Volker Bartels, spokesperson for the Executive Management Board of Sennheiser Group and President of Corporate Services.

New Leadership Structure at Georg Neumann

On 1/1/2012, Dr. Heinrich Esser, President of the Professional Systems Division at Sennheiser electronic, will now in addition, become President of Research & Development at Georg Neumann GmbH, Berlin. In the future, Wolfgang Fraissinet, long-standing President of Marketing & Finance, will head the operative management at Neumann in Berlin. Together with Dr. Heinrich Esser he will drive the strategic development of Georg Neumann and optimise the company’s close proximity to its markets and customers. Jürgen Breitlow will become Director of Research & Development. Breitlow is an experienced development engineer and has been with Neumann for 11 years. He has worked closely with Stephan Peus and Wolfgang Fraissinet over the past few years and is ideally qualified and prepared to take on new leadership tasks.