Maximum protection against counterfeiting for Sennheiser products - Audio specialist introduces new security label from August

Effective immediately Sennheiser will deploy the latest identification technologies to protect customers against fake product and illegal counterfeiting. Starting in August 2012, the premium manufacturer’s packaging and products will carry a new authenticity label, the tesa® PrioSpot. First products with this protection will hit the stores at the end of the year. “These security labels offer an uncompared level of protection against counterfeit for our customers, by using visible and hidden security features”, said Volker Bartels, President of Corporate Services and Spokesperson for Sennheiser’s Executive Management Board. Using the label features consumers, retailers and also customs agents can check the authenticity of a product within seconds.

Maximum protection against counterfeiting for Sennheiser products
Audio specialist introduces new security label from August

Visible and hidden protection against counterfeiting
Every label is unique and has special features – both visible and invisible. The tesa® PrioSpot will, for example, show up in different colours under direct light. In addition the last digit of the security code is repeated in an enlarged format. Using the code on the security label customers can easily and quickly check online whether the product is a Sennheiser original. Authentication can be carried out at any stage – no matter whether the product has already been bought or is still in store. All that is required to verify a genuine Sennheiser product is visiting www.qr-sennheiser.com website and enter the ID number printed on the security label. Doing so customers can compare the security features and code on the product to those displayed on the website, thus immediately receiving a declaration of authenticity.

Simple authentication by smartphone or tablet
A particularly practical way of verifying products comes in the form of a smartphone app: all you have to do is scan the security label’s QR code using your smartphone or tablet-PC to open www.qr-sennheiser.com thus starting the authentication process – there is no need to enter the ID. “The new security labels offer a clear benefit to customers in terms of transparency, as well as being quick and straightforward,” explained Volker Bartels. However, as the new labels will be introduced over the next couple of month, there may still be original products in the market, which have not been labelled. To best avoid counterfeits, Sennheiser recommends that customers continue to buy from authorised Sennheiser dealers only.

Taking a stand against product piracy
Customer- and brand-protection enjoy a very high priority at Sennheiser. As a premium manufacturer of microphones, headphones and wireless transmission systems, the audio specialist has steadily intensified its global commitment to fighting product piracy over recent years. The introduction of the security label on packaging and products is another important milestone in this fight: “Introducing the new labels shows that Sennheiser is taking the next step in customer and brand protection,” said Volker Bartels. “The introduction of security labels is a clear signal to show that our company takes an active position against product piracy and goes beyond talking."


Аудио-эксперт Sennheiser базируется в Ведемарке, близ Гановера, и является одним из ведущих мировых производителей наушников, микрофонов и технологии беспроводной передачи звука. Компания обладает собственными заводами в Германии, Ирландии и США и представлена более, чем в 50 странах мира. Вместе с 19 дочерними предприятиями и давними торговыми партнерами компания осуществляет продажу инновационных продуктов и продвинутых аудио-решений, оптимально разработанных под нужды клиентов. Этот энтузиазм к аудио-технологиям разделяют 2 750 сотрудников компании по всему миру, работающих в семейном бизнесе, который был основан в 1945 году. Дэниэл Зеннхайзер и Д-р Андреас Зеннхайзер приняли эстафетную палочку в 2013 году, и являются уже третьим поколением, управляющим компанией. В 2015 году оборот Sennheiser Group составил 682 млн. Евро.

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