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“Live Your Dream” – Sennheiser encourages budding aviators with flight training scholarships and an information forum

Audio specialist Sennheiser has launched “Live Your Dream”, a campaign designed to motivate and assist people with a passion for flying to overcome the barriers and begin flight training. As a first step towards becoming a pilot and living their dream, aspiring aviators can participate in a competition to win one of several flight training scholarships. New or prospective pilots can find more information about the Live Your Dream initiative at www.sennheiser-aviation.com/liveyourdream.

“Sennheiser has been supporting the broader aviation community since the early eighties, when we launched our first aviation headsets,” commented Dave Dunlap, Director, Sennheiser Aviation. “With our Live Your Dream initiative, we are taking an important step towards encouraging aspiring pilots to take the next step in realizing their aviation goals. We want to help make the path towards becoming a pilot easier, more informative and more fun and hope that anyone with a passion for aviation takes the next step in realizing their dreams.”

Sennheiser’s “Live Your Dream” consists of several components, one of them being a Flight Training Scholarship Competition, in which participants are encouraged to describe the origin of their passion for flight, and why they want to become a pilot. The most compelling entries have a chance of winning a scholarship valued at a minimum of $1,000.

To participate in the contest, flight enthusiasts can register on Sennheiser’s partner social media site myTransponder.com and post a written story at www.myTransponder.com/liveyourdream, or upload a video expressing their passion for flying on YouTube. The most exciting and creative entries can win one of seven scholarships as well as a complimentary 1-year premium membership at iflightplanner.com. Two of the scholarships will be awarded exclusively to students at the Orange County Flight Center, Sennheiser’s partner flight school.

“Live Your Dream” also includes the sponsoring of an ongoing lecture program at various high schools, universities, flight schools and flight centers in the USA, featuring lectures by pilots and other key members within the aviation community.

Finally, as an effort to encourage broader communication among aspiring pilots, Sennheiser has created a forum hosted by myTransponder.com. The platform www.myTransponder.com/liveyourdream will facilitate the information exchange between aspiring and experienced pilots, who can share their knowledge and first-hand information with the “novices“. Interested parties should register now at myTransponder.com, registration and participation are free.

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