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InfoComm 2016: From major conferences to road warriors

Sennheiser will be participating at InfoComm 2016, the largest pro-AV industry event in the US, held from June 4-10 in Las Vegas. The audio specialist will be expanding its new wireless conferencing system, TeamConnect Wireless, with an alternative charging base being launched at InfoComm. TeamConnect Wireless delivers excellent sound quality and unmatched ease of use in a portable system for up to 24 participants. Sennheiser will also be presenting the second new addition to the TeamConnect Family, TeamConnect Ceiling, an innovative ceiling mounted array microphone with automatic beamforming technology for fixed installations. Visitors to the Sennheiser booth (C10908) can experience the wide range of professional products for business communications, including its newly expanded SpeechLine Digital Wireless microphone range, Speakerphone series and MobileConnect audio streaming solution. For those wanting to learn more, Sennheiser will also be offering a special Manufacturer’s Training session and a dedicated demonstration-room.

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At InfoComm 2016 Sennheiser will be presenting a particularly exciting line up of solutions for business communications with a strong focus on collaborative conferencing. The audio specialist will be showcasing its newly launched TeamConnect Family of conferencing solutions, with new enhancements to several Sennheiser ranges debuted at the InfoComm.

“We are excited to be bringing a range of solutions to Las Vegas this year that demonstrate our commitment to setting new benchmarks through innovation, ease of use and – naturally - Sennheiser’s characteristically uncompromising approach to delivering excellent sound quality,” said Andy Niemann, Director Business Communication at Sennheiser. “Whether you are a road warrior, sound engineer or manager of teams we have innovative, German-engineered solutions to meet your needs for better sound. We are delighted to be enhancing this offering further by presenting three game changing products at the show – TeamConnect Wireless, TeamConnect Ceiling and SpeechLine Digital Wireless. InfoComm offers an unparalleled opportunity for us to meet with our customers and show them how much more they can achieve with Sennheiser – whatever the scale of their demands.”

TeamConnect Wireless – Conquer every room
Today’s meetings can happen anywhere but with staff often spread across many locations, it’s mission-critical to successfully connect teams to let them perform to their full potential. A new 2016 study by Sennheiser and Millward Brown revealed that successful companies have strong internal connections and run a higher frequency of meetings, while lower performers meet less often. The study also discovered that barriers in sound quality and usability of meeting technology reduce the frequency of meetings. Managers therefore demand more from conferencing solutions, wanting future products to be reliable and offer better sound quality and intuitive ease of use.

TeamConnect Wireless from Sennheiser is the cure for these business pain points: launched at the start of 2016, TeamConnect Wireless is the first go anywhere wireless audio conferencing system for up to 24 people in virtually any room. The stylish portable solution, which received the prestigious Best of the Best accolade at the Red Dot Design Award 2016, is made up of four units linked by wireless DECT connections that allow the system to be set up in virtually any room or table set up. Users are able to connect their own smart device or computer wirelessly via Bluetooth, with NFC making pairing with compatible devices effortless. Wired connections are also possible via USB or 3.5mm jack cable, making it easy to use with virtually any phone. Uniquely, TeamConnect Wireless supports multiple simultaneous audio channels, so it is easy to bring additional callers into an ongoing conference by simply connecting another device. TeamConnect Wireless is optimized for IP solutions, which includes Skype for Business, Cisco Jabber, Webex, and Go-To-Meeting.

With its innovative design and sound features, TeamConnect Wireless embodies Sennheiser’s ambition to make the future of audio technology tangible to their customers. Andy Niemann explains how the new product aligns to Sennheiser’s overall company vision “Shape the future of Audio”:

“With TeamConnect Wireless, Sennheiser has boldly staked out its leadership in professional conferencing. It lets teams simply link a smartphone, dial-in the conference and concentrate on a successful meeting. TeamConnect Wireless is the simplest and fastest way to set up conferences for up to 24 people in any room or table arrangement.”

TeamConnect Wireless Tray Set
At InfoComm, a new version of TeamConnect Wireless will be launched that includes a new charging tray option – an alternative to the rugged travel/charging case that can be supplied with TeamConnect Wireless. Describing the new version, Andy Niemann explained: “In modern workspaces, meeting rooms can be of two types – unequipped/ad-hoc and fixed meeting rooms. The case version of TeamConnect Wireless brilliantly addressed the need for a mobile/portable meeting solution for unequipped meeting rooms and we are now introducing the tray version of the same system to meet the needs of permanent meeting rooms. The new version offers a hassle free storage and charging option for that set of users, ensuring that TeamConnect Wireless fits into virtually any meeting room. It is therefore the perfect choice for organizations seeking a high quality audio conferencing system in any meeting environment.”

Experience the entire TeamConnect Family, with an innovative new ceiling mic
Also on show and available for demonstration at InfoComm, is the new TeamConnect Ceiling, another recent addition to Sennheiser’s expanding family of easy to use, professional audio conferencing solutions.

TeamConnect Ceiling is an innovative fixed-installation, ceiling-mounted microphone that frees users from the limitations of table mounted mics. It uses beamforming technology that automatically focuses on whichever person in the room is speaking, wherever they are sitting or standing within a 60m2 range, ensuring great sound quality and flexibility.

TeamConnect Ceiling expands on the original TeamConnect system, a fixed-installation conferencing system with on-and in-table microphones. Thanks to three optional installation variants, the high quality Unified Communication solution is easily integrated into every existing room infrastructure making it the optimal tool for professional remote conferencing applications. The all in one solution TeamConnect is available in various bundles that are scalable to several room and team sizes.

Visitors to the Sennheiser booth can register on the spot for individual sessions in the Sennheiser demonstration room with a Sennheiser Product Manager.

SpeechLine Digital Wireless
SpeechLine Digital Wireless is a groundbreaking new wireless microphone solution designed exclusively for speech. The system has been recently updated with new features including multi-room functionality, which makes it possible to adjust the transmission power to address different scales of installations for simultaneous use of multiple systems on the license-free 1.9GHz frequency. Additionally, Sennheiser recently announced that the range will be compatible with Audinate’s Dante Network Protocol to support audio-over-IP networks which increases the scope of applications for this powerful all in one solution. The system has also recently been updated with the new Sennheiser Control Cockpit software, which makes status monitoring and managing SpeechLine systems effortless, via a smartphone or tablet. All new features and products within the range will be available for demonstration.

Plug in and Talk with Sennheiser’s Speakerphone series
Sennheiser’s Speakerphone series, SP 10 and SP 20, will also be on display and available for demonstration. Designed for the mobile business professional, the lightweight, portable conferencing solution facilitates personal and small group conference calls via PC or mobile/tablet with its user-friendly ‘plug in and talk’ simplicity and intuitive functionality. Certified for Skype for Business and optimized for major UC and softphone brands, Sennheiser’s stylish Speakerphones offer outstanding sound quality, voice clarity and echo cancellation to ensure a natural communication experience for speaker and listener alike.

MobileConnect delivers Assistive Listening to smartphones via App
Offering the ability to stream live audio to mobile devices, visitors to InfoComm can experience the vast number of possibilities opened up by Sennheiser’s MobileConnect. The solution consists of a streaming server providing the audio stream over WiFi, which users can connect to via the MobileConnect app on their own smartphone. Applications are unlimited: whether it is in a university, theatre, a museum, or a conference center – MobileConnect can be quickly and easily installed and can offer a cost effective way to complement digital signage or offer assistive listening.

The solution’s ability to be used for accessibility and interpretation purposes makes it incredibly flexible and from mid-2016 that flexibility will be taken even further. A new “network integration feature” will be added via a software update, which will make it possible to integrate MobileConnect into existing network infrastructures. This will be particularly useful for organizations such as universities which can now cost effectively add assistive listening features to their auditoriums and classrooms.

Register for special training sessions and visit Sennheiser at InfoComm
Sennheiser will be running a dedicated Manufacturer’s Training session at InfoComm on June 10 from 10.30 am to 12 pm at the Convention Center.

To register, please visit:

To experience Sennheiser’s solutions at InfoComm visit us at booth C10908. InfoComm 2016 will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas. Nevada, from June 4-10.

About Sennheiser Business Communication
As part of the Sennheiser Professional Systems segment, the Sennheiser Business Communication division is focused on providing innovative audio solutions for the corporate market. Sennheiser Business Communication provides speaker systems, audio distribution networks, conference systems, installed microphones and tour guide and information systems, reaching the corporate market via specialist channel partners and AV resellers/integrators, continually innovating to accelerate and simplify the convergence of the AV and IT. The division draws on Sennheiser’s rich, 70-year history of setting new milestones in audio excellence to bring new standards to business communications. The latest addition in the portfolio is TeamConnect Wireless – a portable and wireless audio conferencing solution - designed to empower businesses to thrive in sophisticated work environments and meet business professionals’ growing expectations for better and more flexible workplace communications and collaborations.


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