20/01/2011 United States

Hins Cheung showcases his best at Caesar´s Palace, with a little help from Sennheiser

Back by popular demand, Cantonese singing sensation Hins Cheung commemorated Thanks¬giving at Las Vegas’ Caesar’s Palace and at Atlantic City’s Taj Mahal thanks to support from Sennheiser. Even though faced with a tight deadline, Sennheiser was able to modify Cheung’s shining silver and matt white SKM 5200 wireless microphones so that they conformed to the United States’ frequency regulations.

The Cantopop singer’s microphones, which were customized to match his costumes, could not be used in the United States, as they now do not allow wireless microphones to operate on frequency bands of 700 MHz and above. Cheung believed it was important to maintain the quality of his shows and decided against using standard color stocks, so his team sent the microphones to Sennheiser’s Singapore service center for modification. Sennheiser RF engineer Jack Ng worked against the clock, putting the newly modified microphones through rigorous testing to head off any glitches that would require them to be returned to Singapore. Sennheiser Relations Manager of Asia and Australia, Vince Tan, and Ng worked tirelessly to ensure the entire process took less than a week.

“We’re extremely grateful for Sennheiser’s support in keeping up the high quality of Hins’ shows. We gave outstanding performances in the States and couldn’t have done it without Sennheiser’s help,” said Bella Fan, Cheung’s manager.

Guangzhou-born Cheung made his name in the music industry with the release of the album “My Way” in 2002. His most recent album, “No. Eleven,” was released last April. Over the years, he has won more than 100 industry awards, both as a singer and songwriter, including multiple Metro Hit music awards and the Guang Dong Radio Billboard Awards. He has picked up many awards at the regional Global Chinese Music Awards, which is organized by Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong radio stations. Cheung has also starred in several movies, including “Dancing Lion” and “The Legend is Born – Ip Man.”