20/04/2011 Copenhagen

“HEAR TO WIN”: Sennheiser supports its gaming team mTw at Copenhagen Games 2011

mTw, one of the best professional eSports teams, is competing in Denmark’s biggest gaming event, the Copenhagen Games, where more than 700 gamers from all over the world will gather from April 21st – 24th. Using Sennheiser’s successful series of professional gaming headsets, the Counter Strike team mTw CS 1.6 Int has a crucial advantage - winning sound - thanks to the top gaming headsets PC 350, PC 330, PC 360 and PC 300 G4ME from Sennheiser. Following the Copenhagen Games, the next round of the Sennheiser Nordic Gaming Cup will be held on May 14th.

Sennheiser has already supported mTw for almost three years, supplying professional gaming headsets that deliver superior sound quality and professional noise-canceling microphones which guarantee that gamer’s commands come across clearly even in noisy surroundings. The spirit, passion, ambition and drive of the mTw pros embodies Sennheiser’s claim “HEAR TO WIN”, which stands for both its successful series of professional gaming headsets and the company’s mission statement: Sennheiser’s gaming headsets let you “hear to win” and help you be the best in the game. The teams are currently playing with different models of the latest Sennheiser PC gaming headsets. Also in action at tournaments such as the Copenhagen Games is the PC 350, a popular LAN party headset featuring a closed acoustic design. When quick team talks are necessary, the PC 330 convinces the mTw gaming pros with its stylish design and DJ hinge. At home and during long training sessions the gamers turn to the top device of Sennheiser’s current line of PC headsets, the PC 360, whose open acoustic design keeps the head cool and is very comfortable to wear. Last but not least, the PC 300 G4ME in-ear headset is a convenient device for gaming when the teams are on the road. The PC 330 and PC 360 also boast intuitive features such as automatic mic mute and volume control on the ear cup..

mTw’s goal for this year: to be in the top three at all events

Being one of the best professional eSport teams, mTw CS 1.6 Int. team has only one aim: to win Counter Strike 1.6 tournament at Copenhagen Games 2011. “We expect to be in the top three at every event we attend, and to at least take two or three first places this year,” says Mathis Edel, the CS 1.6 Int. team manager. “We set up this team in 2010, and we will continue our hard work to ultimately become the best team in the world. In particular, we plan to work on team spirit, because that’s the key factor of success.” Danny “Zonic” Soerensen, a fellow CS 1.6 mTw player, adds: “mTw's goal for 2011 is to take the crown from NaVi. We have developed brand-new tactics that specifically target NaVi, so we are just waiting for them!”.

Since Sennheiser Nordic is one of the sponsors of the Copenhagen Games, gamers have the chance to win one of Sennheiser’s professional headsets: A 5.1/7.1 surround sound closed-type headset PC 333D powered by Dolby® Headphone is just one of the prizes at the games in Denmark.

Next round of the Sennheiser Nordic Gaming Cup

For Counter Strike 1.6 gamer clans in the Nordic region, Sennheiser Nordic plans to host a series of tournaments that will take place every second month. Over 280 clans from Nordic countries with five team members each have already signed up to participate in these cups. The next cup competition will be held on Saturday, May 14th. Would-be contestants – in the Nordic countries only - can sign up from May 1st. All gamers will have the chance to win attractive prizes related to gaming. More information is available at www.sennheisernordicgaming.com.