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Cool sounds, attractive street style - Sennheiser presents the new headphones of the successful HD 400 series

Leave your house and take an extra portion of your favourite sounds with you. Or just relax and enjoy funky beats from your own hi-fi system at home. The new HD 400 models from Sennheiser offer all that – and a lot more besides. Their feelgood sound is accompanied by new, stylish designs. The HD 419, HD 429 and HD 439 feature a punchy bass, while the HD 449 guarantees a detailed, balanced sound image. The new headphones of the 400 series will be on show at the IFA in Berlin.

They look extremely cool, keep background noise out with their closed design and provide the optimum sound for every music fan. “With the new headphones from our successful HD 400 series, we offer music fans an outstanding sound experience, no matter whether they are at home or on the move. The new models boast particularly attractive designs that make them a real eye-catcher out on the streets,” said Sennheiser Product Manager Antonia Tan, describing the qualities of the new headphones.

All four models are optimised for use with MP3 players, Apple iPods, Apple iPhones and other portable devices. The HD 429, HD 439 and HD 449 also come with an adaptor for a stereo system. The single-sided cable ensures that all models offer maximum freedom of movement. The HD 439 and HD 449 are additionally equipped with two different cable lengths for optimum flexibility. The ergonomic design of the new headphones ensures a comfortable fit even over long periods.

HD 419: Powerful bass from Hip-Hop to Soul

How about a bit of Hip-Hop, a touch of Blues and, to top it all off, a cool Swing medley? No matter what style of music you prefer, the HD 419 always has the right answer. The beat of the dynamic bass is your ideal companion both for long train journeys and for the short walk to the newspaper shop. And it all comes in a new, stylish outfit. The black, matt-finish ear cups with their stylishly debossed logo make the HD 419 an attractive highlight. The single-sided cable provides freedom of movement when you are out and about, while powerful neodymium magnets ensure a precise stereo experience. Closed ear cups guarantee that the sound is reserved exclusively for the listener and surrounding noises are reliably kept out.

HD 429: Dancing in the street

No matter whether you are dancing or just lazing in the sunshine: the HD 429 always delivers the goods. The single-sided cable can cope with even the wildest moves. And for those who prefer to chill out at home. The headphones offer dynamic bass of the finest calibre. All this comes packaged in a refreshingly new outfit: the asymmetrical Mould Design with a chrome trim is both exciting and stylish. The closed ear cups ensure that only music reaches your ears. And the person sitting next to you on the train has no idea of what great sounds you are enjoying. Unless, that is, you get up and dance…

HD 439: Sound & design in the coolest style

Put on your headphones, turn up the sound and you’re ready to go. Listening pleasure is guaranteed not only by the powerful neodymium magnets, which conjure up a perfect stereo experience with powerful bass in the headphones. The attractive new style of the HD 439 is sure to turn people’s heads wherever it goes. The design consists of three trendy elements: a high-gloss grey plastic ring, a matt-black “turbine” and a chrome ring surround the ear cups. The headphones come with a choice of two single-sided cables in different lengths for the funkiest moves, and have closed ear cups that are guaranteed to keep the music in and the noise out.

HD 449: Stereo à la carte

If you close your eyes, you can almost see the band right in front of you – that’s how lifelike the sound from the new HD 449 is. No matter whether you are listening to your stereo system at home or are on the train on the way to work, the HD 449 provides a private concert à la carte with the finest of stereo sound. Its frequency response of 16 to 24,000 Hz ensures precise, clear and lifelike reproduction of the most different music styles. Closed ear cups effectively shield against outside noise, guaranteeing total music enjoyment. The additional extension cable lets you choose the optimum cable length. A carrying case is also included to store the comfortable headphones when you take them off. But why would you want to do that?

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