06/04/2011 Frankfurt

Concept Corner: Sennheiser presents the beatbox microphone

Frankfurt/Wedemark, Germany, 6 April 2011 – Audio specialist Sennheiser is demonstrating a microphone developed in its research laboratory in Palo Alto, California at the prolight+sound trade fair. Effects such as reverberation, echo, harmony, looping and distortion can be controlled directly via controls on the wireless vocal microphone, which is being presented under the name “Concept Tahoe”. This makes it the ideal tool for avant-garde vocals, hip hop and beatboxing.

When singers control their own vocal effects during live performances, this is often done using floor-based or small desktop devices. However, if an artist presses foot pedals during a performance, knowledgeable members of the audience will know that he or she is making use of effects at that point and others may wonder why the vocalist is looking away and what he or she is doing with his/her feet. The loss of contact with the audience can be annoying in particular when readjustments are being made to the effects, and that’s before one even starts to take into account the curtailed freedom of movement on the part of the artist.

Audio specialist Sennheiser is now demonstrating an ideal solution to this issue live at the prolight+sound trade fair in the form of the microphone from its Concept Tahoe project: user controls for carrying out various vocal effects are integrated in the wireless microphone as buttons and sliders, thus making it a versatile and complete tool for singers. The Concept Tahoe microphone transmits the control data to a receiver, which can control any number of effects units and plug-ins in real time via MIDI signals, thus providing the artist with all manner of creative options.

A special extra feature allows the microphone to be transformed into a tambourine or a shaker at the press of a button; using an accelerometer and a rotation sensor, it measures how quickly it is moving and at what angle in space it is currently located.

Achim Gleissner, Manager for Innovative Strategies at Sennheiser, comments: “Many people who love music work at Sennheiser’s research laboratories around the world. The idea to give singers the option of controlling effects directly from the microphone was first floated some time ago. Now we have patented it and are using the Tahoe concept in order to test market acceptance and allow the integration of further improvements.”

Visit Sennheiser at prolight+sound: Hall 6.1, Stand C 10 A. The Concept Tahoe microphone will be presented daily following performances by the band Eyetones, which are due to take place at 11.00 am, 1.00 pm, 3.00 pm and 5.00 pm.

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