02/09/2011 Berlin

Colour it LOUD! The new Sennheiser earphones in the colour trends for 2011

Red, orange, bronze, green, blue and brown: these are the colours that adorn Sennheiser’s new range of earphones. The audio specialist is launching two new earphone models, the CX 215 and MX 365. For their colour design, Sennheiser was inspired by microscopic colours from nature and information colours from graphic design. Both earphone models not only guarantee a dynamic sound experience but also offer a very good price-performance ratio.

The CX 215: microscopically colourful

“The five colour versions of the CX 215 ear-canal phones take full advantage of trendy, microscopic colours“, explained Rajender Mogili, Product Manager at Sennheiser. To find the optimum colour shade, Sennheiser focused on the Colour Trends 2011‚ which are also used by the fashion industry as a source of inspiration. Creative designers and scouts from companies researching into trends in the field of design, style and fashion keep a close eye on developments in culture, lifestyle and professional life that are reflected in colours and patterns. Based on these findings, international fashion, design and industrial companies create their models for the coming year.

The trends for 2011 include what are known as microscopic colours. These are unexpected colour shades and combinations that are revealed by microscopic examinations of the plant and animal kingdom. “The skill lies in experimenting with the unusual and daring to try new colour nuances and shades,” Rajender Mogili continued. Whether in red, orange, bronze, green or blue – the CX 215 ear-canal phones let you listen to your favourite music wherever you go while showing off their attractive design. With their powerful bass they guarantee a full-bodied stereo sound. Ear adapters in three different sizes ensure optimum attenuation of background noise.

MX 365: vivid colours from the world of information graphics

Information graphics in vivid colours that illustrate data, information and knowledge were the source of inspiration for the six models of the new MX 365. White, orange, brown, bronze, dark blue and red make the earphones a real eye-catcher. The MX 365 is a set of powerful earphones with strong bass and an excellent sound image for optimum music enjoyment when on the move.

The CX 215 and MX 365 will be delivered to Sennheiser’s sales partners from May onwards.