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Check In to a Brilliant Night Out with Sennheiser’s Club Guide - Facebook and Foursquare users create a living guide to the world’s best venues

Do you want to find the coolest place to go out near you? Now Foursquare users have a brilliant way of tracking down the best night clubs and venues, with Sennheiser’s Club Guide, a new crowd-sourced guide to what’s hot near you right now.

  • The Sennheiser Club Guide lists over 50 favourite clubs as voted by the audio specialist’s Facebook community. It can be accessed on Sennheiser’s new brand page on foursquare. Further recommendations will be added on a monthly basis.
  • Foursquare users can find and check in to venues near them by viewing and following the list of the recommended clubs and upload images of a party.
  • The guide has been created by Sennheiser's Facebook fans, where users from around the world can post reviews and pictures of their favourite clubs.
  • If your favourite club isn’t here yet, then don’t worry; you can help get it on Sennheiser’s global map of cool venues. Simply visit the Club Guide Facebook app.
  • To follow the Club Guide on Foursquare, visit Sennheiser’s Foursquare page at: https://de.foursquare.com/sennheiser


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    Sennheiser is very much at home in clubs around the world. Wherever DJs and performers demand the best quality sound performance from their headphones or microphones, we’re most likely there! But the club experience isn’t just behind the decks – great sound can be discovered by everyone. This is why this Club Guide came alive through people that love and live the music, who are using their own networks to share their insider tips.
    Katrin Huss, Director Customer Relationship Management at Sennheiser


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