17/01/2011 Japan

Anzen Chitai makes a comeback with Sennheiser

Recently reunited Japanese soft-rock band Anzen Chitai kicked off its comeback concerts in Asia last year with first-time-ever performances in Singapore, Korea and Taiwan. To ensure its fans had the best experience possible, the group knew it couldn’t take any chances when it came to its choice of sound equipment – it opted for Sennheiser.

The band, which has spawned 11 studio albums and 28 singles over the last 27 years, decided to make a comeback in 2010 after the latest of several hiatuses it has had since beginning as a garage band in Hokkaido. The group, which made its name with rock ballads including “Wine Red no Kokoro“ and “Kanashimi ni Sayonara”, has been covered by Hong Kong heavyweights such as Jacky Cheung, Leon Lai and the late Leslie Cheung.

Sennheiser provided all five band members with wireless monitoring systems, consisting of
SR 2050 IEM twin transmitters and EK 2000 IEM bodypack receivers. Said Naoki Tashiro, Anzen Chitai’s front-of-house engineer, “Sennheiser’s IEMs were the only ones in Japan that met the mark.” Tashiro appreciated that the IEMs have a good signal-to-noise ratio, were easy to synchronize, and could straddle multi-channel operation stably.

Sennheiser also supplied Anzen Chitai with
SKM 2000-J wireless microphones and MMD 935-1 microphone capsules, which Tashiro said provide a powerful rock sound. “The microphones and capsules have strong bodies, are stable and powerful and are easy to operate,“ he added. “I absolutely trust Sennheiser’s products and services.“