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4LYN and the FOH Master Class: The Sennheiser Sound Academy presents the Live Mixing Workshop in Hanover, Germany

From 12th to 14th September, the MusikZentrum in Hanover will be the location for the Sennheiser Sound Academy Live Mixing Workshop. The academy will be hosting the popular three-day seminar in cooperation with Yamaha, the SAE Institute and FischerAmps. The scheduled programme includes live sound mixing for FOH and monitors, planning and setting up the PA system, choosing and positioning the microphones for the individual instruments as well as wireless monitoring and wireless microphone technology. The band 4LYN will be present on the second and third days of the workshop in order to ensure that the seminar doesn’t just include theory, as the microphone set-up and mixing for the rock band from Hamburg will be carried out by the seminar attendees. A new highlight will be the FOH Master Class, which will take place, for the first time, immediately after the main event on 15th September. The FOH Master Class will allow experienced sound engineers to perfect their skills in the field of live audio and microphone set-up. The two English-language workshops can be booked as a package or individually.

“The Live Mixing Workshop is a special training seminar that focuses on all aspects of live sound,” comments Kirsten Wessendorf, Director of the Sennheiser Sound Academy. “And, with the addition of the FOH Master Class, we have expanded our offering this year to cater for the needs of experienced sound engineers.”

In order to cover all aspects relating to live gigs, experienced sound engineers and experts will be available at the Live Mixing Workshop to provide advice for the participants: FOH engineer Oliver Voges, monitor engineer Wayne “Heights” Gittens, frequency manager Svenja Dunkel, RF expert Klaus Willemsen and public address pro David
Ludz will all be present. The workshop will be chaired by the tonmeister Gregor Zielinsky: “The Live Mixing Workshop will allow participants to brush up on and extend their knowledge, as well as allowing the sort of soundcheck that one normally doesn’t have time for in everyday situations.”

Three days backstage

The first day of the seminar will focus in particular on the most important elements of FOH and monitor sound, as well as looking at wireless microphones and monitoring.

The work will continue in small groups on the second day of the workshop. The programme includes the positioning of the sound system, the preparation of the line check, the allocation of channels on the monitor desk and wireless systems. Further areas of interest relate to the wiring of the PA, the monitor desk and the FOH desk, as well as digital systems, monitor transmission, microphone set-up and the integration of wireless systems.

The third day will see participants doing the patching, optimising the workflows and fine-tuning the monitor and FOH sound in preparation for the 4LYN show in the evening. This gig will form the initial concert of a short tour through Germany featuring songs from the band’s upcoming new album. The 4LYN tour dates are 15th September at Backstage in Munich, followed by 16th September in Cologne (Underground), 17th September in Hamburg (Knust) and finally 18th September in Berlin (Magnet).

The FOH Master Class

This new event designed by the Sennheiser Sound Academy is geared to trained sound engineers with at least one year of professional experience. The master class will be led by Oliver Voges (FOH for Echo 2011, Rock am Ring 2011, Eurovision Song Contest 2011) and Gregor Zielinsky (Grammy-winning tonmeister, who has done recordings with Herbert von Karajan and Leonard Bernstein, among others). The workshop will take place in the MusikZentrum and in the Sennheiser Studio at the Academy of Music, Theatre and Media in Hanover.

The workshop will focus in particular on mixing for rock and TV shows and setting up microphones professionally to refine the sound. The participants will work with the digital Yamaha PM5D-RH console and will create individual mixes which they can take home with them.

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