MZH 3015
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MZH 3015 - металлический держатель типа "гусиная шея" (длина 150 мм.) для использования с микрофонными капсюлями ME 34, ME 35, ME 36.
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The MZH 3015 is a metal gooseneck for use with the ME 34, ME 35 and ME 36 microphone heads. The rugged gooseneck is fitted with a balanced, floating XLR-3 output, enabling the microphone to be powered from 12 - 48 V phantom power and has a length of 150 mm.

  • Sturdy and elegant metal gooseneck for unobtrusive miking

  • For ME 34, ME 35, ME 36 microphone capsules

  • RF shielding against intermodulation from wireless equipment/devices

  • L-version with red light ring

  • Available in black and white

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MZH 3015-L: 9435


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