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UI 770
Interface Box

UI 770

Universal Interface UI 770
Артикул № 504534


The UI 770 is the ideal universal wideband Interface box which allows the user to connect a PC, standard phone, handset, a headset of the Sennheiser contact center or office series and even a dictaphone for voice recording.
With the UI 770 you can easily switch between the headset, handset and PC, adjust the volume of the headset speaker and mute the headset microphone.
The UI 770 supports the possibility of limiting the Speaker volume by simply setting a switch. This secures compliance with the Noise of work Directive from EU (EU Directive 2003/10/EC) and will result in a reduced maximum output level for the user.


  • Dynamic Volume control™ keeps incoming calls at the same sound level and prevents
    sudden noises

  • Sound clarity system™ reduces background noise and enhances the caller’s voice

  • Compatible with both wideband and narrowband headsets and phone systems

  • Easy switching option between handset and handset as well as between phone and PC use

  • Integrated dictaphone interface for economical and easy call recording

  • Compliance with the EU Noise at work Directive with a single switch

  • Automatic power save function for outstanding battery lifetime of up to 1 year

  • 2-year international warranty

Что в коробке?

  • UI 770 Interface Box
  • 1,5 V C-Battery (IEC LR 14 C)
  • Phone connecting cable: 4/4 modular plug (RJ9)

Технические характеристики

  • Диапазон воспроизводимых частот
    Speaker signal output to phone: 100Hz. to 7kHz
    Microphone signal output to phone: 100Hz to 7kHz
    Microphone signal output to phone: 0mV to 300mV adjustable
  • Уровень звукового выхода
    Speaker signal output to phone: Limited to 400mV


  • ЕС декларация соответствия
  • Спецификация
  • Инструкция по эксплуатации