Polarized Condenser Microphone
e 614
Супер-кардиоидный электретный конденсаторный микрофон для качественной инструментальной записи, когда требуется воспроизвести широкий спектр частот, справится с высоким уровнем звукового давления и широким спектром переходных характеристик. Для озвучивания духовых, струнных и домашней записи.
Артикул № 009895
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Extremely wide frequency range. Focused pick-up. Outstanding transient response. As a condenser microphone, the e 614 convinces in demanding scenarios with a natural, full sound. Its wide frequency range captures nearly every instrument; its extraordinary dynamics conjure fine nuances from the air, giving them space and depth.
Thanks to the precise directivity, the e 614 safely reduces the bleed from other instruments on stage or in the studio. With its high maximum sound pressure level, it is especially designed for percussion and as an overhead mic, but also effortlessly supports stringed and woodwind instruments.

  • Condenser microphone

  • Excellent directivity over the entire frequency range (40-20,000 Hz)

  • Natural sound for flexible applications

  • Designed for high sound pressure levels

  • Rugged and ready for the road

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      Product specification sheet for the e 614 instrument microphone of the evolution wired 600 series.

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      PDF version of the printed quick guide of the e 614