SC 230/260
SC 230/260
SC 230/260

SC 230/260

SC 230 (single-sided) and SC 260 (double-sided) are professional wired headsets that offer Senheiser Voice Clarity, all-day comfort, robust quality, perfect fit, and noise-cancelling microphone.
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Easy disconnect

Sennheiser’s Easy Disconnect plugs are ideal for contact centers and hot desking offices, where users frequently change shifts or switch between workstations.

With their simple, quick release mechanism, durable Easy Disconnect plugs are designed to withstand the repetitive plugging and unplugging of shift changes.

Easy disconnect

Built to last

Years of wearing pleasure

With metal reinforced headbands and all-around robust and durable design, these headsets were built to last.

Years of wearing pleasure


Comfort and precision

With its bendable boom arm, your microphone remains in an optimal position for your voice to be picked up clearly, and stays in place without adjustment, all day long.

Wear it on the right or on the left, it’s up to you. Thanks to its 350° rotation axis, your microphone can always be placed at the angle that suits you best.

Comfort and precision

Additional features

  • Best in class comfort

    • For long-lasting user comfort, headsets feature CircleFlex™ dual-hinge ear cups with acoustic foam ear pads with soft leatherette cover.

  • Sennheiser ActiveGard®

    • Sennheiser ActiveGard® technology protects users against acoustic injury caused by sudden sound burst on the line.

  • Flexible Microphone Placement

    • A fully adjustable, bendable boom arm positions the microphone perfectly. The pivotable boom rotates 350 degrees for wearing on either the right or left.

  • Sennheiser Voice Clarity

    • Wideband sound for a natural listening experience while a noise-cancelling microphone filters out ambient noise for optimum speech clarity

SC 200 Headset Trial Request

Please note that Sennheiser reserves the right to qualify the incoming requests

Easy Disconnect

Perfect for hot-desking

Sennheiser USB headset adapter cables for SC 230 and SC 260 are ideal for contact centers and hot-desking environments with UC or softphones, where users frequently change shifts.

The Easy Disconnect plug provides walkaway convenience and allows the headset to detach while putting the call on hold.


Adapter cable for a UC headset solution
Adapter cable for a certified Skype for Business headset solution
Perfect for hot-desking

Технические характеристики

  • Цвет
  • Стиль ношения
  • Сопротивление
    ~200 Ω
  • Разъём
    Easy Disconnect
  • Диапазон воспроизводимых частот микрофона
    150 Hz – 6,800 Hz
  • Диапазон воспроизводимых частот
    50 Hz – 18,000 Hz
  • Тип микрофона
  • Уровень звукового давления
    103 dB limited by ActiveGard®
  • Длина кабеля
    1 m / 3.3 ft
  • Вес
    58 g / 2.05 oz (SC 230) | 89 g / 3.14 oz ( SC 260)
  • Габариты упаковки
    201 x 153 x 60 mm / 7.91 x 6.02 x 2.36 in
  • Вес упаковки
    181 g / 6.38 oz (SC 230) | 212 g / 7.48 oz (SC 260)
  • Units in distributor master carton
    20 pcs
  • Вес мастер картона
    4.5 kg / 9.92 lbs (SC 230) and 5.2 kg / 11.46 lbs (SC 260)
  • Master carton dimensions
    615 x 415 x 185 mm / 24.21 x 16.34 x 7.28 in
  • Unit pack/end user
    1 pc


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