SR 2020-D
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SR 2020-D стационарный передатчик серии TourGuide. Для любой задачи - конференция, перевод, трансляция звука, компактный передатчик SR 2020-D обеспечит прекрасный звук там, где это необходимо.
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SR 2020-D, multiply gifted! For each of your productions, the compact high-tech transmitter SR 2020-D will provide perfect audio in exactly the right way. It allows for conferences or presentations to be interpreted simultaneously in up to 8 languages. Other audio content can be selected from CD, DVD or your IT network. Of course, you can connect microphones for announcements, and the system will even follow you on bus or boat tours.

The transmitter is operated very easily and comfortably. Important parameters such as channel selection and line/mic input levels can be checked on the back-lit display.

  • Digital RF signal transmission

  • Licence free Frequency range (EU, US)

  • 19" rack-mount kit included

  • 6-8 Channel Transmitter

  • Balanced XLR-3F-Input with switchable phantom-power (48V)

  • 6,3mm jack-plug headphones connection for monitoring

  • Backlit display

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  • SR 2020-D
  • GA 2 rack mount
  • NT 2-1 power supply unit
  • Telescopic antenna
  • Operating instructions
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