Customer Stories

TeamConnect Wireless

i-unit group

i-unit consulting group has equipped all of its six offices with the portable TeamConnect Wireless audio conference system. No more...

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Successful meetings, satisfied users and a CEO with nothing but praise - S and ME is an American engineering company which has gained...

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TeamConnect Wired

TeamConnect Ceiling

Xprt Integration

Making technology and design an experience – that’s the goal of the "Experience Centre" operated by Xprt Integration of Vancouver. The...

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SpeechLine Digital Wireless


AIDA Cruises

Sound solutions from Sennheiser prove their capabilities every day on the newest ship in the AIDA fleet. Premium products from the audio...

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AIDA Cruises

Starting in fall 2014, the seven largest ships in the AIDA fleet have gradually been fitted with the LSP 500 PRO. Each ship has two of...

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Bärlin Team

On 15 July 2014, the football world champions landed at Berlin’s Tegel airport. They were given a rapturous welcome by the waiting fans...

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