Conference wireless table gooseneck microphone
Беспроводной пульт председателя ADN-W С1 обеспечивает отличную разборчивость речи и простоту использования.
EXTENDED BACKORDER – Due to availability issues with the ADN-W BA we are not currently accepting new orders for this product. Please contact your local Sennheiser team for other recommended solutions.
Артикул № 504745

The ADN-W C1 wireless chairperson unit offers excellent speech intelligibility and ease of use. Powered by the exchangeable ADN-W BA battery pack, the unit offers more than 20 hours operating time. The chairperson unit features a microphone key that functions either as an on/off switch or as a request-to-speak button, a Next key to grant speaking privileges and a Priority key to deactivate all active conference units. The unit is equipped with a high-performance broadband twin loudspeaker system for decentralized sound reinforcement.

A screw-on microphone socket is provided to connect a super-cardioid ADN-W MIC gooseneck microphone (available in different lengths and frequency responses). The wireless chairperson unit with its battery pack can be charged in the ADN-W CASE UNITS or using the NT 12-50C DC power supply.

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