Рассказы экспертов

Урок выучен – ведущие специалисты в области звука и музыки делятся своим опытом работы с AMBEO.

Техника Sennheiser AMBEO, это наиболее эффективный способ записи объёмного материала для воспроизведения через наушники. Окунитесь в мир трёхмерной записи в рассказах наших экспертов.

Рассказы экспертов о громкоговорителях

Paul Geluso

Пол Гелузо (Paul Geluso) известен по множеству фильмов, как инженер сведения и мастеринга, продюсер и музыкант. Как композитор и звуковой дизайнер он работает по всему миру, пользуясь поддержкой совета штата Нью-Йорк и многих других уважаемых организаций.

Małgorzata Albińska

Małgorzata Albińska-Frank is a Polish sound engineer and music producer. She studied music production and sound design at the Fryderyk Chopin music academy in Warsaw. After graduating from high school in 1989, she began her career as a freelance sound engineer, recording manager and music producer – first in Warsaw, then in Switzerland and Germany. Since 1993, she has been teaching recording techniques at the FHNW Academy of Music in Basel, Switzerland, where she also lives.

Benoît Gilg

Benoît Gilg is still young but he has already been doing sound for more than half of his life. After a career start where he teams up with the rising stars of Parisian free jazz and notably records Akosh.S Unit, he decides to enlarge his horizons by taking charge of the monitor mixes on the tours of Mireille Mathieu and Juliette Greco. He thus develops a certain quality for adaptability.

Dan Shores

3 time GRAMMY® Nominee Daniel Shores started his professional career with Sono Luminus, first as an assistant engineer, then engineer, then head of the Sono Luminus record label. Now with changes in company structure Daniel is back to doing what he loves best exclusively – engineering. Daniel’s focus for years has been his love of sound and aim to create the most pristine recordings of music possible giving the end listener the most engaging interaction with the music.

György Mohai

György Mohai is a Sound Engineer, Mixing Engineer and Sound Designer based in Budapest, Hungary. He is a key member of the young Hungarian sound engineer generation. He was engaged in music studies from his early childhood and attended the Jazz Vocals Faculty of the Kőbánya Conservatory, secondary-educational home for many famous Hungarian musicians. In 2010 he acquired a Sound Director BA degree at the University of Theatre and Film Arts, where he has often returned since then to hold lectures.

Ulrike Anderson

Ulrike Anderson, née Schwarz, is a sound engineer and producer of acoustic music in the radio, television and recording industries. Her recordings have received multiple German and international nominations and awards. Her recordings have received two Echo Klassik Awards, Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenindustrie, Ars Acoustica, Diapason d’Or, a Grammy Nomination and many others.

Рассказы экспертов о бинауральной записи

Radio France

Radio France, это национальная радиостанция, созданная в 1975 году. Сегодня это наиболее популярная радиостанция с 13,5 миллионов слушателей ежедневно.

Aziz Berk Erten

Азиз Берк Эртен (Aziz Berk Erten), это звукоинженер из Стамбула, который специализируется как на концертной, так и студийной работе. Он записывал, сводил и гастролировал с топовыми артистами Турции.

Phonomatik Lab

Лаборатория Фономатик (Phonomatik) создавалась на основе простой идеи, заимствованной у фонометриста-самоучки Эрика Сати (Erik Satie): "защита слуха при прослушивании музыки на любом носителе". Для осуществления этой идеи мы используем бинауральную технологию, а музыку записываем на студии Music Inside Records.

Gareth Fry

Gareth Fry знаменитый звукорежиссёр, в число работ которого входит озвучивание фильмов про Гарри Поттера, работа с театрами и на церемонии открытия олимпийских игр 2012 года. Он также работал над созданием звукового бинаурального и пространственного сопровождения множества выставок и рекламных компаний.

Pascal Rueff

Pascal Rueff is a director, poet and 3D sound engineer. For the past 15 years, he has been dealing with all aspects of binaural production. He has produced several series on World War II, the Illuminations by Rimbaud, and Chernobyl in collaboration with scientists, artists and technicians.

Paulo Castanheiro

Paulo Castanheiro is a sound designer at Media Capital Radios in Portugal, a podcasts producer responsible for the audio contents at iNOVA Media Lab and an applied research lab at NOVA University of Lisbon.

Мнения специалистов о звуковых технологиях для Виртуальной Реальности

Henrik Oppermann

Хенрик Опперман является главой компании "Sound at Visualise", признанного лидера в области трёхмерного звука. У Хенрика больше 10 лет опыта записи звука на съёмочных площадках студийного уровня качества для кинематографии, рекламы, музыкальной индустрии и инсталляций с трёхмерным звуком.

Michael Engman Rønnow

Michael has been in the pro market for the last 25 years. He started out as musician in his teens, and entered the studio world around 1992. He’s now in the sales market of pro audio and still goes on tours playing music or making FOH mix, as well as running his ProTools-based studio at home.

Côme Jalibert

Côme Jalibert started working as a sound engineer and sound designer in 2002. He has always been attracted to the immersive power of sound and has experimented a lot with surround sound. Through his work, he wants sound to be more felt than heard.

Nicolas Büchi

Nicolas Büchi (*1982) is a scientific researcher in the Cast / Audiovisual Media specialization, Department of Design at the Zurich University of the Arts.

Thomas Rechberger

Thomas is a Swiss musician, music producer and sound designer. He has been working as an audio pro on all sides of the microphone for more than 20 years: As the lead guitarist of the band Lovebugs, he has played more than 1,000 concerts in Europe, recorded 13 albums, including several number-one singles, and received a number of Golden Record awards.

Fabian Knauber

As a studied acoustician, Fabian Knauber has acquired a broad theoretical knowledge of room acoustics, 3D audio and binaural technology which he complements by his practical experience as a freelance sound technician. Along with live sound and studio productions, his core areas of expertise include elaborate speaker-based installations and 3D sound for virtual reality.

Stephen Vitiello

Stephen Vitiello is an electronic musician and media artist. CD releases have been published by New Albion Records, Sub Rosa, 12k and Room 40. His sound installations and multi-channel works are in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Lyon.

Little Konzett

Little Konzett is an Austrian producer, recording, mix and mastering engineer, musician and owner of „Little Big Beat Studios“. The studios are based in the Western part of Austria and in Liechtenstein.

Rodolphe Alexis

As a sound designer and sound engineer, his practice takes on various forms that are in dialogue with other fields of art (installation, sculpture, performance, radio).

Martin Rieger

Martin Rieger labels his profession as 360° sound production, which sees him taking a holistic approach to virtual reality productions, taking more elements into account in the recording and mixing process than traditionally, and crafting the storytelling throughout the entire process.
With his studies in media technology and production, he has a good overview of technologies in exceed of audio.

Dávid Rikk

Budapest based live sound engineer Dávid Rikk, is the head of sound at Akvárium Klub, Hungary’s biggest indoor venue with multiple concert halls. His primary goal is to bring concerts closer to the audience by creating a massive yet still dynamic sounding show and transmit the personality and intimacy of the performing artist. This attitude is behind creating AMBEO 360 @ Akvárium Klub series.

Katarina Hagstedt

Katarina is a Swiss based podcast producer and the founder of the Swiss Podcast Club, creator’s collective which aims to bring great podcasts out of Switzerland through exchange and knowledge sharing.

Georg Bleikolm

Georg Bleikolm was born in Lausanne and settled in Zurich 15 years ago. His heart oscillates between music, science, technology and media. Before he decided to concentrate on his solo projects “KnoR” Georg Bleikolm toured worldwide as a drummer with various bands for a decade and worked as a music producer.

Andrés Mayo

Andrés Mayo, former President of the AES (Audio Engineering Society), is an audio engineer and music producer who has pioneered the art of mastering since 1992. He boasts credits in more than 3,000 albums released in vinyl, CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, streaming and 360-degree audio formats.

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