Наша культура

Культура нашей компании — вот, что отличает нас от других и определяет наше отношение к коллегам и клиентам. Она тесно связана с нашим видением создания аудиотехнологий, которые удовлетворят самых взыскательных клиентов. Вместе мы разработали семь принципов нашей культуры, которых придерживаемся в процессе ежедневной работы.

Our Culture Principles

Everything starts and ends with our customers.
In every decision and at every stage, they are at the heart of our decision making. We care for our customers and strive to understand their present and future needs: We delight them by answering these and exceeding expectations.

Attitude is our most important asset.
We believe that what people know changes a lot faster than who people are. This is why attitude and mindset count for more than even the most shining credentials and must be in sync with the culture that drives us at Sennheiser. It is also why we hire people who believe in our culture and identify with our principles – people who exemplify a collaborative way of working and who know that the combination of different perspectives and opinions leads to better results.

We take risks and learn from both our successes and failures.
We focus on solutions and quickly overcome obstacles. We challenge conventions and have the courage to take risks with a fresh and forward-thinking attitude to create winning ideas. We celebrate our successes but also honestly acknowledge when we fall short.

We are all owners of our success.
Everyone at Sennheiser is driven by this spirit of continuous improvement and personal growth: We identify with and advance our company through passion, courage and responsibility. We are empowered to take decisions at the lowest possible level of the organization. We can agree to disagree, but once decisions are made we positively commit to the agreed course of action.

We foster an environment of trust, openness and mutual respect.
We treat everybody in an honest, fair and friendly way and recognize that our success depends on the expertise we share. This is why we aim to listen first, seeking to understand others before being understood. We are supportive, we give and accept constructive feedback, and respect and appreciate diverse opinions.

We perform to our full potential based on our common goals.
We look beyond hierarchy to fully appreciate outstanding talent and achievement wherever it blooms. We expect everyone to give their very best every day. As teams and individually, we set ourselves ambitious goals – with a commitment to develop the skills that we need to succeed.

In leadership roles, we are determined, empathetic and committed to fostering and exemplifying our culture.
When holding leadership roles we strive to exemplify the qualities that we also expect from others: Responsibility, openness and decision making. This is true regardless of whether leadership is defined by the seniority of one’s position, or is a temporary role within a project. Within our teams, we ensure that the principles are an integral part of our daily work and in this way take responsibility for making the teams successful.

Вакансии и карьера

Вакансии и карьера

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