Sennheiser New Zealand


Artists such as Guy Sebastian, Amy Dickson and The Living End all trust our microphones and headphones to capture and express their musicianship. What’s more, recently discovered talents in all musical genres are supported by Sennheiser. Major film, radio and theatre productions frequently owe their excellent sound to our technology, too. Artistic performers, television companies, stadium operators and conference organisers count on Sennheiser. They know that Sennheiser has the ideal solution to meet all their requirements. Innovative strength, quality and excellence make a lasting impact.

Sennheiser New Zealand has achieved significant growth since it was established in Australia in 2013. Our portfolio includes Sennheiser microphones and headphones, world renowned Neumann microphones and monitors and Sennheiser Communications brands.


We are the leading manufacturer of headphones and radio microphones in NZ, and we are proud of our association with some of the world’s most successful musicians. Our achievements have won us prestigious awards on repeated occasions, including the Scientific and Engineering Award, a Grammy and an Emmy; not to mention many industry accolades from ANZ institutions including the Sound and Vision Awards and Integrated Systems Reader Awards that we are very proud of.

Our family of stunning products include the best-selling headphone in history, HD414, the best ever selling in-ear headphones, CX300, and the timeless reference for DJ’s, HD25. We are extremely proud of recent additions including the Momentum Wireless, Digital 9000 and of course the best headphones in the world – the unequalled HE1.


We have over 50 employees across Australia and New Zealand, including a dedicated team operating from our office and warehouse in Auckland. They aim to meet the highest standards of perfect sound in keeping with the customer’s individual needs. We love engaging with our customers directly: whether on the phone, or on location at concerts, audio productions and consumer events. Only with this direct and frequent contact can we ensure we continue to learn about our customer’s true demands and live up to our vision of offering outstanding sound performance to meet all individual requirements.

These successes would not be possible without a team that really cares passionately about the perfect sound. Before joining Sennheiser, many of us had a background in professional audio or were musicians ourselves. Many of us are still pursuing our passion in music as a hobby while playing in a band, recording at home studios or providing audio services for local venues. In Australia, we are proud that our talents, passion for perfect sound and ongoing technical improvements have been rewarded with personal and corporate success.


Today Sennheiser operates in more than 50 countries. Together with 19 subsidiaries and long-standing trading partners, the company sells innovative products and future-oriented audio solutions which are optimally tailored to customers’ needs. This enthusiasm for audio technology is shared by some 2,750 employees worldwide who work for the family-run company, which was established in 1945. Our global headquarters is located in Wennebostel, Germany, a small village close to the northern German city of Hanover. Our Wennebostel production facilities proudly meet the highest technical standards in the production of microphones, wireless transmission technology, conference and tour guide systems, high quality headphones and headphone transducers and monitor systems.


Sennheiser NZ was founded in September 2013, and we are based in Takapuna, in Auckland.